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August 10 - I was just wonderin' if they were expecting terrorists attacks at Brooklet Elementary
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I was just wonderin' if they were expecting ... terrorists attacks at Brooklet Elementary ... School today. ... School let out and there were three ... Brooklet police officers at the ... entrance and exit ... of the school. I was just wonderin' if it took three ... Brooklet PD to keep the peace at Brooklet Elementary ... or if there was a terrorist attack. ... I don't know. Kinda odd.

Once again, William James Middle School parents show their ignorance. Way to go! Jam up traffic! Bless that man out there in the street on ... for taking control and doing such a good job.

I'm calling in reference to the ... Statesboro Police arrest blotter. It seems like every week ... that the arrests that are made on Saturday and Sunday ... cannot be published until Tuesday's paper because we don't have a Monday paper. ... However, on Tuesday's paper, it says ... week after week... that the Saturday, Sunday. Monday and Tuesday will be published in Wednesday's paper. ... The news should be conducted on a daily basis. There shouldn't be an option as far as what day to put it in. ... And I really think that Holli Bragg, which is, her name is at the end of the article, is not doin' sufficient to notify the citizens of ... Bulloch County about the local news. ... And this is not the first time. This is ... seems to be week after week after week. ... Daily and local news should reported on a daily basis, not ... three or four days from now, whatever. What good is it at that point in time?

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