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August 1 - Congratulations to those students, teachers and schools that achieved such great ... gai
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Congratulations to those students, teachers and schools that achieved such great ... gains on the CRCT. ... Now we need to know what were these gains due to. ... Were they due to parental support? ... Extra-smart kids in those grades this year? Super-motivating teachers in those subjects? When they figure out what caused the gains, we may be able to duplicate them in other grades in other subjects.

I wonder ... if Governor LePage calls himself a Christian. Who knows? He might be born again Christian.

I work at King America ... and ... I and several people that work there do not understand why Diane Wetherncamp ... is tryin' to ... get 'em to close the plant. That's over 500 people or more ... jobs'll be ... lost. Families ... be erupted and everything because of ... whatever!

Hello. This is ... to the person or people -- actually, there were two sets of people -- who ... got me help at the ... ER Saturday night in Statesboro. ... I was havin' trouble breathin' sittin' in a ... wheelchair ... and they had the people come out from back and ... and check on me and they took me on back and ... and got me feelin' better and I do appreciate it. ... I had set there for a good long while and was ... havin' a lot of difficulty. And thank you so much for carin' ... goin' that extra mile to ... to help somebody. God bless you.

I enjoyed reading the article about ... the Georgia Southern baseball team. ... I would like to know ... if any of the new players ... were drafted.

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