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April 6 - "Recently, Senate Republicans voted down an amendment to the transportation bill to give
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Recently, Senate Republicans voted down an amendment to the transportation bill ... to give incentives for the conversion of vehicles and service stations to compress ... natural gas, which is much cheaper and less polluting than gasoline. ... So, Republicans drive up the price of oil by calling for war with Iran ... and then vote down a proposal that would give ... relief to consumers. ... Republicans again putting party and greed ahead of country.

... Could you tell me who do I talk to, or who do I report to ... about the young people goin' around ... shootin' the birds and the squirrels? And the ... they're fallin' in everybody yard. ... And don't seem like the police department's carin' anything about it because I know they hafto see these young men walkin' the road with these BB guns and these pump gun. ... So, who do I do talk to ... about it? Thank you.

It's not a sin to be gay. ... It's a sin ... to practice it. Pick up your cross.

The pastor once said ... 'You people who are coming in here ... to fulfill a social obligation ... you're not only wasting my time ... but you're wasting the good Lord's time. ... Now go out into the world and see who you can help.'

Hi, Georgia. ... The Center for Public Integrity rated all 50 states on how they treat their residents. ... Georgia rated bottom last at 50 as the most worst state for public corruption and judicial corruption. ... Georgians, please know who you put in office. Thank you. Bye.

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