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April 30 - This is for the person that didn't like the remarks about Adam and Eve. People are
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... This is for the person ... that didn't like the remarks about Adam and Eve. ... People are not ... God, but we can read what God's Word says. ... You can deny God's Word and believe what you like. ... But one day you will stand before God in judgment if you do not repent and trust in Jesus Christ.

I love Soundoff. It reminds me of how the North was able to win the Civil War. Thank you. Have a good evening.

I see in today's paper ... that Georgia Southern is gonna kick off a fund raising campaign to fund continued growth and advancement in the college's quality education. ... Are we gonna bring William Ayers and Angela Davis back? ... Or are we really going to improve education and not bring them back?

... This is for the person who called in sayin that ... he didn't believe that Barack Obama was a Christian. ... I thought all a person had to do to become a Christian is to confess to Jesus Christ, his Lord and Savior? ... So, I guess that ... I guess that's different standards for ... some people ... than others.

Statesboro City Council, you're raisin' our taxes again. ... See the water tax is goin' up. ... Won't you spend some time ... fixin' this problem instead of redrawing districts all day?

Let's understand this dilemmas. We have trailers at existing schools. We have spent five years building new schools with extra classrooms and yet we've not had time to study the rezoning issue. Sounds like somebody's not doing their job. ... Empty classrooms. But they do have time to plan a tax increase for us all.

I would like to know where all the foreign aid is for the United States now that we have had ... the natural disasters ... in our country. We're always goin' to their aid, why aren't they comin' to our aid?

What it is Statesboro ... gonna wake up and ... do sumthin' about this shrubbery and signs are ... right at the street corners. We have to pull out in the road. Before somebody gets killed. ... They'll set there ... and be sued. And I hope they'll do.

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