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April 28 - The city says they're goin' to balance the budget with no tax increase. Then they s
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The city says they're goin' to ... balance the budget ... with no tax increase. ... Then they say they're gonna charge two dollars a month ... for sewer and water. Now, if that's not a tax increase, I don't know what is.

Statesboro City Council, you're doing the same thing this year as you did last year. You didn't raise taxes, but you raised the fees on ... on sewage and water ... and trash and everything. And this year, here you go again with the water and sewage. Two bucks a month, which is $24. That's a tax increase ... if it isn't.

Bulloch County wants to save money? ... Don't repair air conditioner. Let 'em ride with the windows down like we used to.

... I would like to know why ... the Mattie Lively ... Elementary School honors ... and honor roll have ... has not been put in the paper. ... Could you please look into that.

I read in the paper everyday about everybody's worried about the work force bein' cut because the illegal immigrants ... are gone. ... But, if you get outta the idea that ... all young black men sell drugs ... or steal somethin', then you wouldn't have any problems. ... All our young black youth do not sell drugs or steal thangs. They just can't get a job because ... the people that they work for will not allow them ... to get a job. Open up yo mind ... and look around. We have a great work force in this town.

He may come up with a birth certificate ... that shows he was born in America. ... I don't know if it's real or not. ... But he'll never convince me ... that he's a Christian instead of a Muslim. ... His actions speak ... a whole lot differently.

The head football coach and the coaching staff at Portal High ... are doing an excellent job at turning the football program around. ... I observed their spring practice yesterday ... and they had scouts from UGA and The Citadel there watchin' our boys ... and South Alabama is supposed to come today. ... Way to go, Panthers! Great job.elete - Merge Up

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