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April 23 - You know, I think probably that the Bulloch County Board Commissioners has more to do t
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You know, I think probably that the Bulloch County Board Commissioners has more to do ... than wonder what kinda intersection they're gonna put on Langston Chapel and Rushin' Road at the Pretoria Station area. ... Seems like ... that ... nobody has any sense about it. It's not broken, people. ... There's no need to fix it. Seems like Commissioner Rushing is only one that can figure that out.

Hey, all you illegal aliens and maybe a few that is legal: come out to the Barn Mobile Home Park to live. ... Four or five families can live in one ... two-bedroom home. You can drink and party all night ... with your music blastin' as loud as you want to play it. Have a wonderful day.

If you know who took the American Red Cross ... flag and pole that were outside the East Georgia ... Regional ... Medical Center, please have them return it to the ... medical center or to ... the police station or anywhere. Thank you.

I have a Tota ... Toyota Camry ... and with ethanol gasoline, I get 20 percent less mileage. Somethin's wrong. We shouldn't be usin' esanol ... gas. It's not made right.

I surely hope with the new Belk going up that both Belk and JC Penney make it easier for those of us who need to use canes or walkers in order to shop. It's difficult to use a walker or a cane and try to hold ... clothing on a hanger. ... I just don't understand why those stores ... in the mall aren't able to help the disabled citizen.

... Would Belk's and Penney's please consider adding shopping carts to their store? I'm a handicap person and it is virtually impossible for me to shop there, holding clothes over one arm and shopping and ... while supporting myself on ... with a cane. Please consider that handicap people would love to shop there. Thank you very much.

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