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April 22 - Hey, y'all people in Statesboro, that rodeo was awesome! And the pancake house was wonder
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Hey, y'all people in Statesboro, that rodeo was awesome! And the pancake house was wonderful as usual. The two people that came bustin' in there after 7 o'clock and expectin' to get in and get tickets, next time plan ahead because you really missed a wonderful, wonderful time.

Hats off to Bobby Joe Cason and workers at Statesboro Housin' Authority ... for the great new look at Butler Homes.

This is what I think of a governor tryin' to pass ... the immigration law. He's wrong for that. We are humans tryin' to make a livin'. We have a family, too. We're all humans. ... Just to let ... just let them be. Get a life, people, please! ... They ... they need to ... they need to ... make money to ... provide for their family. Y'all need to get a life! ... Just like y'all have a life, let them have a life. ... Let 'em be, please.

Bulloch County has one of the sorriest road ... scrapin' crews in the state of Georgia. ... Certain roads are scraped every week while others are never scraped.

Saw on the news that ... in addition to not ... really carin' about how high the price of gas rises, Obama wants to add five cents per gallon to the federal tax on stuff. What's the matter with that idiot? ... Does he think he's not accountable to the American people?

In my 57 years, I have come to realize that your one great treasure here on earth is not all your possessions. It is all those that love you. ... So, let us quit the hating ... and start truly loving one another.

Statesboro Herald, please just give us more Holli Bragg and less Gene Lyons. Thanks.

Have you ever noticed how these TEA Party people sound like Chicken Little? The sky is falling! The sky is falling! As though America's never been in this position before and as though we've never survived it before. ... It's too ... too bad they can't learn.

Hello, readers. ... I find it important to recognize good conduct ... as well as bad conduct. Such as the culture of people ... during the Katrina disaster ... versus the conduct ... of the Japanese people during its current crisis or even the event ... tornadoes ... some have had to endure this past week. Conduct ... is always important. One should always remember that.

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