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April 15 - ... Whoever's been throwin' tires out on Two Chop and Banks Creek Church Road, we don't n
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... Whoever's been throwin' tires out on Two Chop and Banks Creek Church Road, we don't need 'em. ... There's 15 just been throwed out in the last two days. ... I think I know who's doin' it. ... And you better stop 'cause I'm gon' take a picture of ya. ... Keep ya tires. We don't want 'em.

Obama and his party are claimin' full glory for a recoverin' economy. ... The recovery goin' on is because Americans are takin' back small industry and hirin' workers to make American products ... and many sacrifices. He should be capping gas prices that are exorbitant and stop the filling wealth of these oil company CEOs and their shareholders. That one thing would prove that he cares about the country. ... Also, he is not singularly responsible for the capture and deaths of terrorists. We have a wonderfully effective military network ... of intelligence on top of that. What exactly has he done?

To the citizens that travel Harville Road: the word is they're only going to resurface a portion of the road, not the full road. County commissioners need to get with the program. Thank you.

Gas will go to $10 a gallon ... and people will be sleeping in their cars.

What about President Obama's Hats Off Program where he took 'em to Las Vegas ... spent $820,000 of taxpayer funds ... and gave 'em $250,000 employee ... rewards. ... What about that program? You was complainin' about some Republicans ... wastin' money. ... Let's slap all of 'ems hands.

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