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April 13 - The April 1st paper has an article titled, 'Congress gets the rough treatment by the Sup
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The April 1st paper has an article titled, 'Congress gets the rough treatment by the Supreme Court.' The implication there is since the Republicans control the House of Representatives, the Supreme Court smacked down Republicaans. But the Supreme Court justices were smackin' down Obama care ... which is passed by a Democratic-controlled congress who did not know or care about the constitutional limitations of government. Thank you.

When I came to Georgia in 1980 ... this state was run by ... Democrats. ... And it was run by Democrats up until Sonny Purdue took office. So, if the state's ... corrupt ... must've been done by Democrats. ... So, if you're inclined, it was just reported this week that Democrats, Communists and Socialists were one in the same. So ... if you wanna vote Democrat, you must be a Socialist and a Communist. ... Aren't you lucky?

... I'm just wonderin' why we can't give ... the police department cannot give people tickets ... if they walk around with their pants down around ... their hips. ... showin' their butts ... for indecent exposure or somethin' like that. ... Why do we have to see that? At least give 'em a ticket. Make 'em pay, then they'll stop. ... Bye!

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