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April 13 - How come the liberals that blamed Bush and Cheney for high gas prices aren't complaining
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How come the liberals that blamed Bush and Cheney for high gas prices aren't complaining about their beloved Obama? ... Maybe those ignorant liberal Democrats finally got some brains ... but I doubt it.

You know, in Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, he said it was of the people, by the people and for the people. ... I wonder what happened to that. ... That's somethin' to think about, isn't it?

Has anyone been to the Department of Drivers Services lately to have their drivers license renewed? Why haven't we moved into a larger building? I think that is pathetic.

I've seen ... and heard people complain about ... people talkin' on their cell phone while tryin' to check out at a cash register. ... The answer is simple: just say there will be a two-dollar charge for anyone usin' their phone while checkin' out. ... I'm pretty sure that will end it.

Isn't it increasingly obvious to all ... that the reticence in hiring a professional city manager ... is in peril ... by the urgent need of the city to save every penny it can? ... Only two words in response to this: 'penny-wise and foolish'. P.S.: You can pay now or you can pay later.

Well ... city of Statesboro has one councilman that'll stand up ... and has a backbone. ... Can't we at least have two?

... I would like to ... see if y'all do a study to find out how much our ... tax dollars and state, county ... that goes into the country club.

It's Thursday morning. I'm on U.S. 80 West in Portal. I'm behind the Statesboro Police of ... police ... patrol car ... out of jurisdiction and all the way from past Portal into Statesboro, he's been goin' 65 and 70 miles an hour. Is this an example we need to be makin' for our citizens?

Pro football players will survive a year off. ... However, a year off on their bodies will never be replaced.

Travis Chance is the only city councilman to stand up for what is best for Statesboro. ... He is not afraid to do what's right.

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