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April 12 - Friends don't let friends drive drunk. ... Friends also don't let friends do stupid thing
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Friends don't let friends drive drunk. ... Friends also don't let friends do stupid things like ... texting and driving. ... Be a real friend and invite someone to church. Thank you.

Remember the phony outrage when Sarah Palin targeted her political appointments ... and put X-rays ... on the area where her ... campaign should concentrate their efforts? I just wanted to know now where the outrage over a group putting a bounty ... on the head of a citizen ... or the same group ... threatening to burn down a major U.S. city ... if they don't get their way. ... And this is for real, not phony.

Delete - Merge Up... I'm sittin' here readin' the paper and I just wanna know a 4 year-old gets a DUI. ... Four? ... I think we need to do somethin' about this. ... Kids ... under the age of 10 should not be drinkin' and drivin'. ... I am upset. ... I have a 3-year-old at home ... and we're gon' have a talk ... because this cannot go on in this town. First, it was colorin' books and now it's 3-year-olds drinkin' and drivin'. What is next in this town? I just don't get it.

What a really scary Mr. McElwee. ... Next year, we could have a Republican ... dictator in the White House.

... I wanna thank the Georgia Southern branch ... of the NAACP ... for standing up ... for Trayvon Martin. ... I'm sorry I cannot say that about the Bulloch County branch of the NAACP. ... Because they are just like Jessie Jackson. ... They're already bought out. ... They can't say anything. ... Because they've already been bought out and that's a damn shame.

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