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April 11 - ... I wanna know how that ... Jet Blue pilot ... flippin' out and goin' crazy the other d
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... I wanna know how that ... Jet Blue pilot ... flippin' out and goin' crazy the other day ... will affect Juan Williams' ... future flight plans. ... I mean ... will he ... get nervous when he see a pilot goin' into the ... cockpit?

I think people are low-down as you can get to put their dog or any animal out in the country ... to run around loose ... and kill our pet ... that we raise and love like a child in our own yard. And we have to watch our loved pet die because of it. ... You not much of a person. ... The Man above knows who you are. Have a blessed day!

Question: when was the last time the Rev. Jessie Jackson or the Rev. Al Sharpton expressed outrage ... over one of the innocent light-skinned people who have been killed at the hands of a person ... with darker skin? ... Answer: never. ... These guys have simply found a way to make money off of people's misfortune. The truth means nothing to them.

The Republicans in the Senate voted against ending the billions of dollars in subsidies - your tax dollars - to big oil companies who are making record profits. Yet, they would love to cut funds to medicare recipietns and poor people. ... This is the Republican agenda. Oh, by the way, Rich McConnell gets 85 percent ... of his ... campaign money from big oil. Do you really, really think ... for one minute that the oil ... that the Republicans care ... anything at all ... about you? No, they care about lining their pockets. They worship at the altar of the almighty dollar.

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