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April 10 - In Wednesday's paper, Tom McElwee's letter to the Editor was absolutely correct. Obama ha
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In Wednesday's paper, Tom McElwee's letter to the Editor was absolutely correct. Obama has made our government ... a dictatorship. ... If you want to lose your freedom ... return him to office and suffer the consequence.

Ho-hum! Another typical mid-week McElwee editorial devoid of facts and evidence ... and loaded with disinformation, hyperbole and fear-mongering. ... Republicans created the mortgage mess and have done nothing about it. They continually block all reform efforts put forth by Democrats ... for purely partisan gain ... and receive payoffs from the banking industry, who wrote the laws that bilks consumers signed by George W. Bush. ... Remember him? Those are the facts.

It would be really, really nice if the Statesboro Herald ... would do a survey ... on the Trayvon Martin's case ... and the Georgia Anne would do ... a survey ... on the Trayvon Martin case on campus. ... We not gon' worry about the NAACP. They not gon' do a damn thing anyway. Bye!

I see that Georgia Southern women's basketball has hired a new head coach. ... Yes, of course, she has support from the administration right now. They needed a new coach. ... Wait 'til she actually starts the job and she'll see what kind of support she has.

What is it? freedom of religion ... for every religion but Christianity in our country? ... Why ... is a preacher ... being arrested in California ... for preaching Christianity on the street? ... I thought we had freedom of speech ... in our country.

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