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April 1 - As I watched my so-called human beings around me microwave their brains with their
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As I watched my ... so-called ... human beings around me ... microwave their brains with their cell phones, continue to use tobacco products ... drive without their seat belts on ... drive at night without their headlights on, the more I'm convinced that the globalists are correct. ... We are ... people are too stupid ... to be able to be ... able to handle the truth.

I have seen several people pick up food to eat ... while grocery shopping, which has not been paid for. Their dishonesty is contributing to our rising food prices. ... They should be ... fun ... punished ... for stealing and we should not have to pay more money for our groceries.

Can anyone here in Statesboro ... tell me where a 62-year-old widowed lady ... can go and meet nice men her age? ... I'm not into the bar scene.

Somebody tell me ... if I get naked and run down the beach at Tybee Island, will they lock me up?

In regards to the notice that was in the Thursday, March 15 ... Soundoff. How do you know she was on ... strung out on meth? One goes to our church ... and I was askin' her about the meth and she said you know, it kinda helps her to payin' the insurance on the thing. So, get your facts straight! Thank you.

... Georgia got an F in ranking as bein' a corruption-risk state. ... And ranked 50 ... 50th among states in bein' a state ... that is governed honestly. Is it because we are run by Republicans ... and we vote these charlatans into office? Please think about it, folks. Do not vote Republican.

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