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SHSs go-to-gal
Tammie Washington is schools first supply clerk
Washington for Web
Tammie Washington

      Not every school administrator has someone they can call their "go-to-gal or guy." Statesboro High School principal Marty Waters, however, said he is blessed with someone who has earned that title.
      Her name: Tammie Washington. Washington arrived at Statesboro High School first as a student, and is a proud alum of the school. The daughter of Johnny and Ada Washington, after graduating from SHS she attended Ogeechee Technical College.
     While she was earning certificates in Advanced Early Childhood Care, she went to work for a local day-care. She worked there for almost 12 years, and when the business was sold, she decided it was time to do something else.
      She accepted a job with the Bulloch County Board of Education working as a paraprofessional in classrooms.
      When a position opened up in the front office, Waters moved her there to start making copies for the teachers and staff.   Eventually, this job became a full-time position, and Washington gladly accepted the job as the school's first ever official supply clerk. Her first and foremost responsibility is to see to the supply needs of the 90 teachers.
      She orders all of their supplies, from pens and pencils to reams of paper. In addition to keeping them "supplied," Washington stands ready to print off everything from paperwork needed for class instruction to tests for the classes to all sorts of class newspapers and organization newsletters.
      Washington has two printers at the ready: one of which is "networked" to all of the teachers' computers, from which they can automatically send their job requests; and the other is a "standalone," which is used when the jobs are hand-delivered to her room where she is stationed.
      Her work has already earned her two recognitions as "Support Person of the Year at SHS, first in 2006 and then again in 2010. Dr. Waters said that Washington "epitomizes the hard-working employees we have here at Statesboro" and commented that "a lot of people here would be lost without her."
     As Brian Thomas, one of two 12th grade counselors at the school said, "Tammie is great. Whatever you ask her to do she does with a great sense of humor. The kids and teachers love her because she's always coming to their rescue."
      Kathy Hendrix, the principal's assistant, commented that "She's our "go-to-girl" at the school. She's a hard-working girl who when she needs to can be stern with the kids and yet be pleasant about it at the same time."

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