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Restaurant Inspections
Restaurant Inspections
Restaurant Inspections

July 5

               168 Chinese Kitchen, 456 South Main Street  Score: 95

               Observed sugar stored on shelf uncovered. Observed knives stored in grooves between prep tables. Inspector: Laura Moore.

               Bruster's Real Ice Cream/Nathan's Hotdogs, 995 Lovett Road  Score: 95

               Observed batter on counter uncovered. Observed waffle cones on counter uncovered. Observed bowls stacked wet. Inspector: Moore.

               Larry's Giant Subs, 701 Piedmont Loop  Score: 99

               Observed wearing on meat slicer blade. Inspector: Moore.

               Pizza Hut #34712, 129 South Main Street  Score: 92

               Observed food prep workers wearing bracelets. Observed food prep workers with beard longer than 1/2 inch not wearing beard guard. Observed food storage containers stacked wet. Observed build-up underneath/behind equipment and on walls. Clean floors, walls, ceilings and equipment thoroughly. Observed plumbing pipe not properly connected. Observed puddles of water in the floor of food prep area. Observed slow draining hand sink. Observed mop not stored hanging to dry. Inspector: Moore.

July 8

               Books-A-Million/Joe Muggs, 343 Henry Boulevard  Score: 96

               Observed sprinkles and sauces not labeled properly. Observed mop not stored hanging to dry. Inspector: Moore.

               Kentucky Fried Chicken at Buckhead, 898 Buckhead Drive  Score: 90

               Observed matter on ice machine shield. Observed Cole Slaw in walk-in cooler not labeled. Observed mashed potatoes, green beans, macaroni and cheese and corn in walk-in cooler not properly labeled. Observed food storage containers stacked  wet. Observed ice build-up in freezer. Observed food debris in the bottom of reach-in cooler, walk-in cooler and freezer. Observed food debris on shelves below cold/hot-holding bar. Observed cell phone stored on shelf with clean dishes. Inspector: Moore.

               Smoothie King, 357 Brampton Avenue  Score: 97

               Observed scoop handles down in food containers. Observed food debris in bottom of ice cream cooler. Observed personal food stored in cooler not separated. Observed cell phones stored with clean dishes. Inspector: Moore.

               The Pita Pit, 609 Brannen Street Suite 1  Score: 83

               Observed foods on prep bar stored uncovered. Observed lettuce and potato salad on prep bar not reaching 41 degrees F. Ambient temperature of cooler at 52 degrees F. Both of inspector's thermometers calibrated at 32 degrees F. All foods on prep bar were discarded. Observed deli meat in walk-in cooler past discard date. Inspector: Moore.

July 10

               The Pita Pit, 609 Brannen Street Suite 1  Score: 96 (Reinspection)

               Observed oil and spice mixture not properly labeled. Observed cups stacked on counter not in protective sleeve/covering. Inspector: Moore.

July 9

               180 Fitness, 4 College Plaza  Score: 100

               Inspector: Moore.

               Brown's Health & Rehabilitation Center, 226 South College Street  Score: 93

               Observed chemical sanitizing dish machine not dispensing out the sanitizer at the right concentration. Will return to check the dish machine on Thursday (7/11). Observed rice cooling in the reach-in cooler that was tightly covered with a lid. Corrected on-site; the lid was removed from the rice to continue cooling process. Inspector: Karen Anderson.

               CookOut Statesboro Inc., 550 Fair Road  Score: 91

               Observed organic matter in ice machine. Observed food handlers not wearing proper hair restraints. Observed clean food storage containers stacked wet. Observed food handlers not washing hands between glove changes. Observed food and debris on equipment, walls and floors. Inspector: Moore.

               Daylight Donuts, 455 South Main Street  Score: 89

               The person in charge could not provide documentation or otherwise satisfactorily demonstrate during the inspection that all food employees and conditional employees are informed of their responsibility to report to management information about their health and activities as it relates to diseases that are transmissible through food. Observed food handler with a bandage on their hand without gloves covering the wound. Corrected on-site; food handler put on a single-use glove to cover the bandaged wound on the hand. Observed flour stored on the floor in storage room. Observed back door not sealing properly on the bottom. Inspector: Anderson.

               Mellow Mushroom, 1098 Bermuda Run  Score: 91

               Observed several foods in the prep top cooler not cold-holding at 41 degrees F or below. Corrected on-site; all foods were discarded and inspector will return on Thursday (7/11) to check prep top cooler. Inspector: Anderson.

               Splash in the Boro, P.O. Box 408  Score: 78

               Observed personal drink in food prep area. Observed condensation pipe dripping on food in reach-in cooler. Observed potentially-hazardous food items (cheese, bacon and hot dogs) held above 41 degrees F. Inspector: Moore.

               Splash In The Boro Tiki Hut, 1388 Highway 24 East Score: 94

               Observed food handlers not wearing proper hair restraints. Observed flies in the food prep area. Inspector: Moore.

               Splashy's Sandwich Shoppe, 1388 Highway 24 East  Score: 92

               Observed personal drink in food prep area. Observed hand sink without hand soap and hand sanitizer. Observed organic matter on ice machine shield. Inspector: Moore.

July 10

               AMC Cinema 12, 991 Lovett Road  Score: 96

               Observed dirty spatula in hand-washing sink. Corrected on-site; spatula was removed and sink was cleaned. Inspector: Moore.

               Comfort Inn & Suites, 17870 Highway 67  Score: 91

               Observed eggs and yogurt in reach-in cooler on food bar not reaching 41 degrees F. Corrected on-site; food discarded. Thermometer calibrated to 32 degrees F. Inspector: Moore.

               Del Sur Tacos & Cantina, 514 South Main Street  Score: 95

               Debris and grime accumulation on cook line. Pull out and thoroughly clean behind equipment. Keep personal food items in a designated area away from utensil storage. Corrected on-site; food was put on a plate on a lower shelf. Observed flies throughout facility. Inspector: Rebecca Clifton.

               Elliano's Coffee Company, 598 Brannen Street  Score: 91

               Observed employee put gloves on without washing hands. Corrected on-site; spoke to employee about when to wash hands. Inspector: Rebecca Bryant.

               Gnat's Landing, 470 South Main Street  Score: 95

               Dishwasher not sanitizing; corrected on-site. Crumbs noted at pass-through window, debris accumulation noted around/behind equipment on cook line; debris accumulation noted in dry storage/prep area on bulk storage containers. Inspector: Clifton.

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