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Repeat offender jailed again for deceiving, exploiting elderly
Accused of making up stories to gain sympathy, financial help
Pamela Godbee
Pamela Godbee

A woman with a pending court case for deception was arrested again on similar charges after reportedly lying about a family death in order to beg for money.

Bulloch County sheriff’s Capt. Todd Hutchens said Pamela Godbee, of a Highway 24 address, “made up stories to make people feel sorry for her, claiming she had a death in the family and needed help with finances for the situation.”

Godbee, 45, did not have an immediate family member die, but distant relatives in another state experienced a loss, he said.

Godbee targeted elderly victims and never actually stated the money she was asking for would be used for funeral expenses, he said, adding that her solicitations were vague.

He did not disclose the amount of money she allegedly took but said, “Taking $5 from an elderly person is as bad as taking $500.”

Godbee was out on bond awaiting court on a previous, similar case of deceiving people when she was arrested Saturday, Hutchens said.

After her arrest, Godbee was taken to the Bulloch County Jail on charges of exploitation of the elderly and theft by deception. She is being held without bond on the current charges.

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