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Screven, Sylvania police reports - October 20
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Sylvania Police Arrests
No arrests reported

Sylvania Police Incidents
HABERSHAM ROAD-A man reported damage to his new mailbox.
EL CHEAPO-An argument was reported that began between a man and a woman in the parking lot.
MOCK STREET-A bike was reported stolen.
FARMER'S FURNITURE-A woman behind on payments for a washer and dryer got into an argument with a Farmer's clerk when she tried to return the items instead of paying the money she owed.
ABRAM STREET-Two women said they used to be friends but aren't anymore. They said they previously got into a physical fight and were now arguing again.
FRED'S-A young male, while shopping with his father, was reported squirting dish detergent all over the floor.
ARNETT STREET-A woman reported damage to her property after coming home and finding her air conditioner unit stolen and windows throughout the house broken. The front carpet was wet, there were holes in the walls of two bedrooms, and her screen porch was damaged.

Screven Sheriff's Arrests
Marcus Bryant, 21, Hillcrest Heights-Burglary, obstruction of officer, possession of marijuana.
Jennifer Johns-Poling, 39, Sunshine Road-Burglary.
Donna Cosey, 43, Buttermilk Road-Burglary.
Harry Lee Albright, 34, Kimwood Drive-Aggravated assault.
Lorenzo Brooks, 22, Jenkins Street-Disorderly conduct, obstruction of officer.
Elizabeth Lynette Reason, 32, Oliver Highway-Bad check/deposit account fraud.
Ronnie Allen Lucas, 40, Simpsontown Road-Possession of cocaine.
Nadir Javver Smith, 29, Stacey Avenue (Oliver)-Possession of cocaine.
Chris Roberson, 22, Old River Road-Bad check/deposit account fraud.

Screven Sheriff's Incidents
REN KIM ROAD-A man was witnessed approaching three 12 and 13-year-old girls, making sexual suggestions to them and trying to get them to come into his trailer.
BEAVER DAM ROAD-A woman reported that she came home to find her dresser drawers open and her bed tampered with, along with the back door being forced open.
BRYANS BRIDGE-An offender entered a home through a window and stole an X-box game system and controllers.
STATESBORO HIGHWAY-A man stated that someone stole two tractor trailer tires from his place of business.
CAB DRIVE-A woman, who had been separated from her husband for two years, was upset because he was taking things from her place and selling them.
WAYNESBORO HIGHWAY-A man reported his home had been ransacked with stolen items including four flat screen televisions, a Wii game system, three cameras, two iPods, three cell phones, digital camera, video camera, dvd player, and laptop.
SPECKLED CAT-A man said he heard someone trying to enter his home while he was napping on the floor.
HIGHWAY 301 SOUTH-A man stated that while he and two friends were headed south on Highway 301, an identified man pulled up in his car next to him and pulled a pistol out, chasing them into Statesboro.
RED BREAST DRIVE-A woman reported that an intoxicated man wrecked a four wheeler then punched out a window of someone's vehicle.
WHITE HILL ROAD-A woman reported her 15-year-old son cursing at her and refusing to go home with her when she went to pick him up from her sister's house.
HALCYONDALE ROAD-A man and wife got into an argument over the custody of their son, when they began pushing and shoving. She then struck the window of his home, breaking it out.
WATERS GROVE ROAD-A man stated his son had been using his social security number.
BEAVER CREEK DRIVE-A woman reported a family dispute when the male began pushing her and pouring beer on her and her baby.
BRANNEN'S BRIDGE ROAD-A woman reported her property was ransacked and damage to the entryway was found.
SCREVEN COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE-A K9 search of a vehicle revealed marijuana residue, wrappers used to smoke marijuana, and a large knife in the glove box.