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Screven, Sylvania police reports - October 16
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Sylvania Police Arrests
Jonathan Travis Oliver, 28, Lovett Street-Driving while license suspended/revoked, second or subsequent offense.
Fred David Hair, Jr., 41, McDonald Road-Possession of drug related object.
Arneda Vanessa Dupree, 24, Rifle Road-Driving while license suspended/revoked, second or subsequent offense.
Larnell Andre Gholson, 20, Fox Hunters Road-Armed robbery, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, possession of marijuana.
Marla Scott Workley, 43, Mock Street-Theft by shoplifting.
Helen Cheever, 52, Clifford Avenue-Theft of services.
Quentin Roshawn Kirkland, 24, Beaverdam Road-criminal trespass, public drunkenness.

Sylvania Police Incidents
FIRST STREET-A man was reported trespassing on another's property.
CLIFFORD AVENUE-A Sylvania city worker reported a meter at this location that was used after its cut off date.
SINGLETON at HIGHWAY 301-Officers stopped to investigate a vehicle parked on the shoulder of the road. The driver claimed they were out of gas, but officers then found two crack pipes on the ground behind the passenger side tire, and the driver could not produce a license.
DOLLAR GENERAL-A woman was looking at clothing on an outside rack when an employee noticed her taking items off the hangers and placing them into bags.

Screven Sheriff's Arrests
Sherry Kilcrease, 37, Lake Eureka Road-Theft by taking.
Alex Joseph Wooten, 40, West View II Apartments-Public drunkenness.
Quentin Roshawn Kirkland, 24, Beaver Dam Road-Hold for Sylvania PD.
Shemika Williams, 29, Highway 301 (Statesboro)-State court sentence.
James Arthur Sturgill, 25, Village Drive (Garden City)-Hold for Oliver PD.
Stephanie Lynn Bragg, 23, Main Street-Probation violation.
Larnell Andre Gholson, 20, Fox Hunters Road-Hold for Sylvania PD.
Jeffrey Dale Oliver, 54, Commonwealth Road (Port Wentworth)-Probation violation.
Aurico Ricardo Delauder, 37, Kimwood Road-State court sentence.
Leroy Smith, 46, Buttermilk Road-State court sentence.
Dominic Atkins, 26, Savannah Highway-Hold for Sylvania PD.
Jessica Renee Lynn, 28, Roughrider Road-Hold for Sylvania PD.
Edward Lehue Sheley, 39, Pine Circle-State court sentence.
Julius Regan Gibbons, 21, Jenk Hill Road-Failure to report accident.

Screven Sheriff's Incidents
FARMDALE ROAD-A woman reported someone prowling outside around her four-wheeler.
WINCHESTER ROAD-A woman stated that someone in a green truck was taking pictures of her in her yard. She called to make the report as she followed the truck in her vehicle.
BRITTANY LANE-A woman said her neighbor's dog chased her child then jumped on her car, damaging the mirror. The dog's owner stated that the children throw rocks at the dog, and he chases them.
HOJO LANE-A woman reported an altercation during which she was held under water in a bath tub and physically abused after she refused the offender's request to add the NBA station to her television account. A criminal warrant for aggravated assault is pending.
AMINIA LANE-A man and woman stated that they gave two puppies to a man who came to the location where they are remodeling a house. They received a phone call from him later while they were in Statesboro asking where they were. When they returned to the house, they found clothing items and dog food missing from inside. When they went to his house to ask him if he took the things, he began cursing and kicking their vehicle. They went back to the house, where the offender soon returned and started arguing again. He threw a brick at their vehicle this time, slapped the woman in the face, and took two cell phones, one of which he threw at them. A warrant is pending for simple battery, criminal damage to property in the second degree, and burglary.
BRADWELL ROAD-A young woman reported a verbal argument that turned physical. When her mother shoved her several times, she struck her mother, and her mother broke the daughter's $150.00 sunglasses.
SAVANNAH HIGHWAY-A woman said she and her child's father got into an argument, and he hit her in the head and kicked her to the ground.
WESTVIEW II APARTMENTS-A woman stated that a man was knocking on her door wanting to buy marijuana. Deputies could not locate him on the first attempt. After he returned a second time, knocking on her neighbor's door, the woman gave deputies a better description. After locating him and finding him intoxicated, he was placed under arrest for public drunkenness. In his transport to jail, deputies reported that he spontaneously said that he was only knocking on doors trying to find some weed.
WATERS GROVE ROAD-A woman called to report an argument with her boyfriend that began over a Facebook post and money. She said her boyfriend then grabbed her arms and pulled her hair extensions out. When she called 911, he snatched the phone away from her and fled on foot.
NEWTON LANE-A woman reported someone had entered her residence.