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Screven, Sylvania police reports - MOBLEY STREET-A woman reported her purse was stolen from her car
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Sylvania Police Arrests
     Shanette Jones, 19, Toole Court (Millen)-Theft by shoplifting.
     Davon Maurice Wells, 20, East Ellison Bridge Road (Sardis)-failure to appear for trial or court appearance.
     Rodney Edward Stubbs, 35, East Winthrope Avenue (Millen)-probation violation.

Sylvania Police Incidents
     DAVIS STREET-A woman said her dog had been acting weird for several days, thinking it may have been poisoned. She said she had been having trouble with her neighbor's kids throwing rocks and blocks at her dogs. The dog died before officers arrived.
     MOBLEY STREET-A woman reported her purse was stolen from her vehicle, including her driver's license, social security card, and $10.
     NORTH ELM STREET-An elderly man reported that after a visitor left his home, he noticed his 2 bottles of medicine were missing.
     HABERSHAM ROAD-A woman said her child's father and his new girlfriend had been harassing her via voicemail and text messaging.
     HALCYONDALE ROAD-A man reported his daughter refused to go home with him when he tried to pick her up after school. Although she usually goes home with him on Wednesdays, she refused on this day because she said she had a lot of homework.
     HABERSHAM ROAD-A woman reported that after an argument with her daughter, the girl hit her and the girl's boyfriend pushed her. When officers questioned the daughter and her boyfriend, they both said the mother came to their house and challenged the daughter in a fight. They said she began throwing kitchen furniture before finally leaving the house.

Screven Sheriff's Arrests
     Martin Anthony Mills, 34, Dowry Drive-Disorderly conduct.
     Juvenile, 16, AMI Kids (Savannah River Challenge)-Unruly juvenile.

Screven Sheriff's Incidents
     ANTIOCH CHURCH ROAD-A man said his black trailer was taken from his hunting club property.
     HIGHWAY 301 NORTH-A man said a hammer mill and an old wagon were stolen from his shed.
     SWING INN ROAD-A man reported that someone in a black truck tried to remove the fence on one side of his property, but when he confronted them, the men left.
     CARVER AVENUE-A woman said someone hit her car while it was parked at her home.
     HALCYONDALE ROAD-A man reported that his wife came into the club where he was, got his phone and keys, and said she was going to key his car. When he walked outside to check his car, it had been keyed, he said.
     KIMWOOD DRIVE-A woman and her sister got into an argument that turned physical. They continued yelling and screaming at each other in the presence of a deputy. The younger said that she owed her sister $14 and that she had been receiving profane text messages from her sister demanding her money.
    SPACESHIP LOUNGE-Someone reported hearing shots fired. Reports say two fights had to be broken up, and one intoxicated man was yelling profane statements at an officer. An additional shot was heard but no one was identified as the shooter.
     DOVER ROAD-A man reported damage to the inside of his home which had been left unlocked.
     JOE LEWIS NIGHT CLUB-A fight began between 2 women because one thought the other was talking about her.
     HILLCREST HEIGHTS-When a couple got into an argument, the husband began moving his furniture out of the house. The woman said he pushed her and left in her van when she called the sheriff's office.
     BURTON"S FERRY HIGHWAY-A man reported that during a fight at the Spaceship Lounge, someone punched his windshield causing it to crack.
     SCARBORO HIGHWAY-By passers reported seeing a toddler walking in the highway when they decided to stop and move him to the shoulder of the road. The father was later said to be in his home asleep while his son was in his care during his time of visitation.
     SPACESHIP LOUNGE-A woman said a man punched her in the face during an altercation that was said to have begun because the woman gave the offender a "funny look."
     BLACK CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH-Someone was said to have entered through the back window, removed the air conditioning unit, and crawled in. Drawers appeared to have been rummaged through but nothing was taken.
     HALCYONDALE ROAD-A young man was reported as intentionally shooting and killing a man's dog with a rifle. The offender admitted to killing the dog. No charges were pressed, and the man and offender agreed to bury the dog together.
     SOUTH FORK ROAD-Someone reported a domestic dispute between a man and woman.
     GEORGIA SOUTHERN RAILWAY-Someone reported people trespassing and removing rails and couplings belonging to the railway.
     DOUGLAS LOOP-A woman reported a fraudulent check transaction of $385 found in her bank statement. She suspected that her information was used after a suspicious phone call from someone claiming to be a representative of the Social Security Administration.