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October 9 - Sylvania, Screven County Police Reports
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Sylvania Police Arrests
    * Darin Keith Arnett, 43, Cail Street—Probation revocation.
    * Alil Jaquawn Adams, 21, Thompson Street—Probation violation.

Sylvania Police Incidents
    * LARISCY LANE—A man reported a burglary that occurred in his home, where he said an unknown person(s) stole gold teeth valued at $425 and cologne. He also said the offender poured Clorox bleach on his 42” flat screen television.
    * SOUTH HULL STREET—A woman said when she got home a man approached her screaming and cursing, so she left. After speaking with the man, he told officers that he and the woman had a verbal dispute while driving down the road, when she threw some of his belongings out of the window.
    * ST. ANDREWS STREET—Neighbors were reported having a verbal argument over children throwing a football in the street and the ball hitting the power line.
    * NEW STREET—A driver of a freight liner truck hauling a trailer loaded with logs said he got to the dead end of the street, and attempting to turn the rig around, he struck the corner of an apartment building, causing moderate damage to the roof of the apartment.

Screven Sheriff’s Arrests
    * Erskine Lamar Ingram, 34, Twin Oaks Road—Simple battery/family violence.
    * Christopher Jenkins, 37, Highway 67 (Pembroke)—Theft by taking.
    * Darius Antonio Day, 30, Buttermilk Road—Child support lock up.
    * Eli James Torrence, 19, Railroad Street—Hold for Sylvania PD.
    * Andrew Austin Hart, 28, Woods Lane (Millen)—Hold for Jenkins County.
    * Kenneth Marquel Booze, 23, Fox Hunters Road—Criminal trespass, theft by taking.
    * Marlon Hendrix, 38, Success Circle (Statesboro)—State court sentence.
    * Nora Howard Neely, 48, Bens Branch Road (Newington)—Possession of marijuana, speeding, possession of drug-related objects.
    * Allen Lee Brown, 35, Railroad Avenue (Oliver)—Hold for investigation.
    * Eddie Williams, 61, Back Street (Newington)—Theft by receiving stolen property.

Screven Sheriff’s Incidents
    * SMIMS ROAD—Someone was reported stealing a tag from a truck belonging to the county.
    * STATESBORO HIGHWAY—A woman received a number of phone calls and text messages from several individuals. She said her personal information had been put on a website, and clients of this site had been contacting her.
    * WOODBRIDGE ROAD (Rocky Ford)—A Massachusetts man followed a subject into her driveway in a vehicle. She said he began yelling things toward her and her mother out of his window. When the mother approached him, he began asking for directions. He was reported saying all the trees were marijuana plants and all the grass, cocaine opiates. After telling deputies that he was supposed to be having dinner with some friends at a golfing event in Pointe Verde, FL., he was transported to Screven County hospital for a mental evaluation.
    * HILLCREST DRIVE—Both a husband and a wife wanted deputies to make the other move out of their residence.
    * BAY BRANCH ROAD—An offender was reported coming onto a man’s property, kicking in the front door, and taking a woman into his house.
    * SCREVEN COUNTY JAIL—After an inmate was brought back from work detail and searched upon arrival, a deputy found a brown leafy substance suspected to be tobacco. Wrapping papers, a lighter, pills and a white powder substance were also found. While the deputy was retrieving evidence bag, the inmate grabbed the container of pills and powder substance and flushed it down the toilet.
    * SMITH BROS. TIRE SERVICE—An unknown offender came into this location and took 2 new BF Goodrich tires.
    * SIMPSONTOWN ROAD—A man reported a stolen whirlpool and window air conditioning unit.
    * SHADY LANE—A woman said someone kept coming onto her property moving her property line marker.
    * ROCKY FORD ROAD—A man reported several antique items stolen from his storage building. The total estimated value of the items was $4750.
    * FOX HUNTERS ROAD—A woman reported the tires on her vehicle had been damaged by someone poking holes in her front tires.
     * NEWINGTON HIGHWAY—A man said someone cut the belt on his lawnmower.
    * LAKE ROAD—A man said his girlfriend stole his Canon camera worth $600. She later admitted to the theft and said she sold it to a man for $20.
    * FARMDALE ROAD—A man said that while his family was sleeping someone came into his home taking his wallet containing his license, social security card, and $500. He said the offender attempted to hit him with a baseball bat. The complainant said he was living with the offender’s wife.
    * NEWINGTON HIGHWAY 24—A woman reported her boyfriend holding a knife to her throat and threatening to cut her head off. She said she talked him into sparing her life, then she fled next door to her father’s house to call the Sheriff’s office. She then ran into the woods to hide.
    * LOBLOLLY COURT (Newington)—A man reported damage to his air conditioning unit.
    * HIGHWAY 301 SOUTH—A man reported that his wife’s daughter would not leave their house. Another daughter was making harassing telephone calls.