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October 9 - Evans, Claxton Police Reports
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Evans Sheriff's Arrests

* Eduardo Flores Mora, 21, Blockers Trailer Park (Glenville)—Driving without a license.
    * Clay Bryant Tippins, 23, Highway 129—DUI of alcohol, failure to maintain lane.
    * Felicia Diane Furman, 25, Miller Mobile Home—DUI of alcohol, suspended/revoked license.
    * Rebecca Lynn Lamie, 24, Erin Taylor Brown Road (Collins)—Possession of marijuana, seat belt violation.
    * Jose Angel Cortes, 33, Ogeechee Road—Littering, tag violation, no proof of insurance.
    * David Allen Nettles, 41, McNeelt Lane—Reckless driver.
    * Vaquiero Jahuey Roberto, 33 (Hagan)—Driving without a license, traffic control device.
    * Omar Colin Abundis, 26, Highway 301—Driving without a license.
     * Shaun Martin, 19, Tradewind Way—Public drunk.
    * Kimberly Anita Palmer, 30, Industrial Park Drive—Possession of cocaine.
    * Curtis Rice, 34, Roger Road—DUI of alcohol.
    * Deloach Miller (Hagan)—DUI of alcohol, suspended/revoked license.
    * William Henry Hodges, 31, Hillside Lane (Hagan)—DUI of alcohol, open container violation, defective equipment.
    * Dale Hills, 22, Church Street North—Possession of marijuana, possession of firearm by convicted felon, probation violation.
    * Russel Long, 30, Cemetery Street—Possession of marijuana, entering an automobile with intent to commit a theft or felon, seat belt violation.
    * Maurice Anthony Byrd, 26, South McDonald Street (Ludowici)—Probation warrant.

Evans Sheriff's Incidents

Delete - Merge Up* HAGAN FOOD MART—A Hines subject was reported urinating in front of everyone and complainant wanted him removed from the premises.
    * MOUNT PLEASANT ROAD—A man reported that his weed eater, drill, battery charger, and battery were missing from his barn.
    * CADDIE GREEN ROAD—A woman reported having a flat tire on her way to work, leaving it at this location. When she returned to her car, it had been vandalized.
    * CLIFFORD ROAD—A man said that his son called him and said he was in a ditch after having taken Oxycotin, Zanex, sleeping pills, and drinking alcohol. The son was reported stating he was going to kill himself and would shoot anyone who tried to put handcuffs on him.
    * MAGNOLIA STREET—Someone reported that $200 was taken from their home.
    * PONDEROSA ROAD—A woman said her husband hit her in the head with a cell phone, then left the house.
    * RIVER SIDE DRIVE—A woman said when she got home froom work her house had been broken into with several items stolen, including cd’s, dvd’s, an iPod, and a play station.
    * HILLSIDE DRIVE—A woman reported that her bracelet and bottle of medicine were gone after a visitor left her house.
    * OLD DUBLIN ROAD—When a man got home from work, he said his clothes, shoes, and dvd’s were gone.
    * HENDRIX BRIDGE ROAD—Someone reported that a blue truck was parked on the side of the road, and a suspicious person was removing items from a residence.
    * EVANS COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT—A woman said her sister’s ex-boyfriend was calling her son’s cell phone, making threats.
    * LEVEL ROAD—A man stated that someone vandalized his residence and stole some copper wire.
    * BAY BRANCH ROAD—A man said someone vandalized his residence and stole copper wire from his home.
     * MAGNOLIA STREET—Someone reported gun shots being fired and fighting going on at this location.
    * HIGHWAY 129 SOUTH—A man said when he went to his truck to go to work, the passenger side window had been broken out.
    * CAMPGROUND CLOSE TO LANDFILL—A man stated that when he returned to his barn after being out of town, his four wheeler was missing.
    * HIGHWAY 129 NORTH—A woman said a white vehicle had been parked near her house for some time.
    * TRADEWIND WAY—A woman said she wanted a drunken subject removed from her home because he was putting holes in her walls.
    * UNION CHURCH ROAD—A man stated that he noticed suspicious activity around his barns.
    * AMALIE ROAD—Two females were reported fighting at this location.
    * GEORGIA GRILL—Someone reported that a large unruly crowd was gathering at this location.
    * BP STATION—Three black males were said to come into the store. While one asked for a clerk’s help, another was seen leaning over the counter. After they left in a green mini van, $60 was found missing.

Claxton Police Arrests
    * Earl Bernard Bell, 50, West First Street (Adel)—Forgery in the first degree.
     * Laura Mintney Lee Walls, 20, Turkey Ridge Road (Metter)—Theft by shoplifting..

Claxton Police Incidents
    * SOUTH NEWTON STREET—A man went into the Claxton Bank location and presented a check drawn on the business account of Bradley’s Used Cars in the amount of $1748.41. He received cash for the check and left the bank. The man whose name was on the account had no knowledge of any business dealings with the offender.
    * CALVARY STREET—Someone had pried open the door to a womoan’s residence when she returned home. She said the offender made a mess all over the house, took a bag of tools and wrenches, and wrote in black paint on the back of the front door, “f--- you.”
    * SOUTH RIVER STREET—A complainant found his vehicle spray painted all over in orange and pink.
    * GREAT WALL RESTAURANT—A man came into the restaurant and struck a woman over the head with a gun. When the gun accidentally fired, a fixture on the wall was damaged, and the man ran from the scene.
    * SOUTH NEWTON STREET—A complainant reported the window in his truck was busted out and the radio stolen.
    * GOODWILL—A woman entered the store and concealed clothing items in her purse, attempting to leave the store with them.
    * FAMILY DOLLAR—A man and woman were reported exiting the store with a large roll of paper towels and toilet tissue.
    * HENDRIX STREET—After a man reported his trailer stolen, it was found that a neighbor had borrowed it.
    * TIPPINS BANK—Use of a counterfeit $20 bill was reported.
    * NORTON’S JEWELERS—A man reported that a relative took something out of the store without permission.