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October 2 Sylvania/Screven County Police Report
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Sylvania Police Arrests
* Aaron A. Gilliard, 19, Robbins Street-Probation violation.
* Allen Cisco, 63, Pace Street (Crawfordville, FL)-open container alcoholic beverage, DUI of alcohol.
* Unrico Lashawn Lloyd, 29, Lanier Lane (Statesboro)-Driving while license suspended/revoked/second or subsequent offense, willfully obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers, giving a false identity/information to law enforcement officers.
* Terrinise Renay Barnes, 38, East Olliff Street (Statesboro)-Disorderly city ordinance.
* Cynthia Marie McCall, 44, Railroad Street-Forgery.

Sylvania Police Incidents
* NORTH MAIN STREET-A verbal altercation was said to turn physical between a man and woman. The woman said the argument was over her messing around with another man.
* DAVIS STREET-A woman said a man was across the street when she said the words "crack head." She said that's when the man got upset and walked across the street, starting to argue and curse at her.
* HIGHWAY 301-After complaints of a reckless driver, officers located the driver and conducted a traffic stop. The driver was reported threatening to kill the officer with his bare hands, a skill the offender attributed to his military background. The offender was said to have been drinking but refused all DUI tests.
* MCDONALDS-A woman reported about $1660.92 in bank deposit money was stolen from the deposit bag.
* EAST OGEECHEE STREET-A woman reported two stolen copper extension cords from her back porch.
* LARISCY LANE-A man reported an unwanted person on his property. The offender said the people at this location were burning his things. Officers said they found a burnt pair of boxer shorts and ashes on the ground.
* MOCK STREET-A dispute between a man and woman became physical when the man got into his vehicle to leave the scene. The woman told him to roll down his window, and she punched him in the nose.

Screven Sheriff's Arrests
* Gavin Jaki Roberts, 25, Lawton Place-Bench warrant, probation violation.
* Felicia Lakia Cooper, 29, Wood Duck Circle-Bad check/deposit account fraud.
* Charles Heywood Brower, 51, Newington Highway-Bad check/deposit account fraud.
* Angela Boone, 44, Parker Estates Drive (Millen)-Possession methamphetamine, drug traffic in cocaine/marijuana/illegal drugs.
* David Edward Swint, 44, Parker Estates Drive (Millen)-Possession methamphetamine, drug traffic in cocaine/marijuana/illegal drugs.
* Nathan Jean Parker, 54, Scarboro Highway (Rocky Ford)-Public drunk.
* Felicia Rena Smith, 23, Wells Road (Midville)-DUI of alcohol over .08 grams.
* James Dalton Thompson, 18, Roberts Bridge Road-Underage possession alcohol by minor.
* Larry Melton Shaver, Jr., 38, Buck Road-Criminal trespass, obstruction of officer, probation violation.

Screven Sheriff's Incidents
* SPACESHIP LOUNGE-Someone reported a burglary, including damage to back door screen and ceiling and theft of about $10 in quarters, a cooler, and 90 12 oz. cans of Bud light.
* FATE COURT-Someone reported a person threatening to "shoot up" their house at this location.
* HIGHWAY 24-A complainant jogging Saturday reported two white males in an SUV who stopped their vehicle and pointed a pistol at him. The subjects accused the complainant of "popping a fire."
* LEOLA ROAD (Newington)-A man reported a friend, a neighbor, and an unknown man stopping by his home while he was sitting under a tree. They called him from where he was sitting, and on his way to the road, one man shouted "I know what you did you m---er f---er and you get one more time!" The complainant said he had no idea what the man was talking about.
* ACORN MILL-A woman came home to find her back doors open but no forced entry was observed. She believed her soon-to-be ex-husband to be involved.
* WESTVIEW I APARTMENTS-Someone reported a domestic dispute over who was going to pick up some furniture.
* SCREVEN COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE-A jail officer reported finding a green leafy substance located in the bottom of a deodorant container. Three deodorant containers had recently been brought to two different inmates.
* SOUTHSIDE DRIVE-A woman reported scratches on her vehicle running the entire length of the vehicle.
* BANANA CIRCLE-A woman reported noticing a dent and scratch on her vehicle in her yard.
* WESTVIEW II APARMENTS-A woman and her boyfriend were reported having a verbal altercation over gas money.
* HUNTERS ROAD-When a man took his dog to the vet, he was told his dog had been poisoned. The complainant said his dog had never been aggressive toward anyone.
* LAWTON PLACE-Someone was reported throwing eggs at his vehicle. The complainant found that the rain had washed most of it off but several shells were lying on the ground.