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Evans police report - Sheriffs Arrests Draphius Deonte Bacon, 20, Moody LaneProbation warrant
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Evans Sheriff’s Arrests
    Draphius Deonte Bacon, 20, Moody Lane—Probation warrant.
    Ray James, 17, Claxton—Two counts of burglary.
    Rigoberto Castano Baxcajay, 28, Montigo Lane La Casa—Driving without license, window glazing violation.
    Elon Green, 23, Johnson Street—Probation warrant.
    Montez Raquet Brown, 20, Montigo Lane La Casa—DUI, Driving without license, speeding.
    Kevin Kershun McCoy, 39, Caxton—Probation violation.
    Quantum D. Johnson, 18, North Broad Street—Probation violation.
    Tyrone Mike, 28, North Pecan Grove Road (Portal)—Possession of marijuana.
    Dredeskkus Saton Porter, 27, Highway 129—Parole violation, theft by taking.
    Marvin Smith, 43, Claxton—holding for extradition to North Carolina for failing to register as a sex offender.
    Jordon Eason, 19, Parker Springs Road—Burglary.
    Wesley Ryan Barrow, 23, West Main Street—Burglary.
    Demetrious Thompkins, 20, Highway 129 North—Probation violation.
Evans Sheriff’s Incidents
    LOTTS CREEK ROAD—Someone reported a woman having her uncle’s truck and would not return it.
    TWO SPOT LOUNGE—A woman said someone stole her Buick Lacross from the lounge.
    HIGHWAY 301 NORTH—Someone was reported driving recklessly.
    FIRETOWER ROAD—Someone reported that subjects were in a verbal argument over the location of their child.
    CLAXTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL—After a woman’s ex-boyfriend got into her car when she was leaving for work, she called for an officer to make him get out of her car and leave.
    EMMAUS REDHILL CHURCH ROAD—A woman said she saw a car parked in her driveway.
    HIGHWAY 169—Someone said his daughter called and said that when she was on her way home, she passed a vehicle and in her rearview mirror, saw the car pull over and someone was thrown out. After officers patrolled the area, no contact was made with any person or suspicious vehicle.
    MAGNOLIA STREET AREA—A man said he heard gunshots fired, possibly by males driving a silver or grey Marquis.
    CEMETERY ROAD—A man came home from work and his house had been robbed.
    RUBY LANE—Someone reported having been verbally threatened.
    CLAXTON POULTRY PARKING LOT—A woman reported that someone had damaged her vehicle.
    BP on HIGHWAY 301 NORTH—Someone saw a couple fighting in a truck, when the woman jumped out of the truck and started walking down the highway. The male was following her in the truck.
    OLD DUBLIN ROAD—A woman reported a man in her yard who would not leave.
    ARUBA ROAD—A man reported that someone keyed his Chevrolet Camaro.
    TRADE WINDS WAY—Someone reported that her brothers were fighting.
    EL CHEAPO—A suspicious male was reported prowling behind the store.
    ST. JOHNS LANE—A man, for which there was already a restraining order, was reported trespassing.
    HILLSIDE ROAD—A man reported loud music coming from a nearby residence.
    HIGHWAY 301 NORTH—A man was reported trying to pawn something that had been taken from a burglary in Hagan.
    BILLY MOORE TRAILOR PARK—Someone was reported going into a home and stealing a woman’s jewelry and other items.
    HIGHWAY 280—A woman reported that the Bellville City Limit sign had been stolen.
    OLD HIGHWAY 250—A tag was stolen off a man’s vehicle.
Claxton Police Arrests
    None for the Week
Claxton Police Incidents
    JET FOOD STORES—A woman reported that a white slender male came into the store and purchased two 40-ounce Ice House Beers worth $4.04 with a counterfeit $10 bill. She gave him the change due for the purchase, and he left. The bill was obtained by the officer for safe keeping.
    CLOTHES IN THE ATTIC—A man reported a stolen bunk bed frame, a refrigerator, and an electric stove.
    FAMILY DOLLAR STORE—A woman reported that someone used her debit card to make 9 transactions without her permission to total $613.93. Eight transactions were made at this location, and one was made at DVD Express.
    OAK STREET—A woman reported being hit, knocked down, and kicked in the head. No arrest has been made yet.
    NORTH RALPH STREET—Someone was reported busting a window out and taking an air conditioner unit out of the window.
    ROLLING OAKS II—A man was reported hanging around the front gate of apartments. He was asked to leave several times but would not.
    NORTH GRADY STREET—A woman reported that a van was parked in her driveway. After being advised to call a wrecker, she then reported someone was in the vehicle.
    BROAD STREET—Three gun shots were heard, then speeding cars taking off quickly.
    COLLEGE STREET—Someone reported that a vehicle pulled up to a window where residents were thought to be out of town. It looked like someone went inside.