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Evans, Claxton police reports - September 4
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Evans Sheriff's Arrests
Martin Roseler, 32, Lacey's Trailer Gilberto Hernandez, 34, Thunder Road-Probation warrant.
Marquel C. Jones, 18, North Broad Street-Aggravated battery.
Corey D. Stargel, 22, West Wells Street-Child support warrant.
Gerado Hernandez Martinez, 27, Whispering Pines-Driving without a license.
Antoine D. Freeman, 38, South College Street-Child support warrant.
Shawn Christopher Braly, 21, Green Thrift Road-DUI, open container violation.
Chase Lamond Mayner, 24, Highway 280-Battery.
Jeffery Jerold McMiller, 43, Princess Lane (Statesboro)-Aggravated Battery.
Christi Davidson, 40, Starling Road (Pembroke)-Suspended/Revoked License.

Evans Sheriff's Incidents
HIGHWAY 280-A man stated that his wife was trying to start a fight with him, and he wanted her to leave the residence.
HENDRIX BRIDGE ROAD-A female was reported having been shot by a black male. The Statesboro GBI are still investigating motive of the suspect in custody.
GROVE LANE-A woman said a black male with a mustache and dressed in all black was knocking on her door.
JENNY STATION ROAD-A woman said that her next door neighbor's son comes into her yard and throws objects at her dogs. She also said that the neighbors have threatened to kill her dogs.
PARKER SPRINGS ROAD-A woman stated that her boyfriend took her cell phone and is hiding in the woods.
SALTERS TEXACO-Someone reported a man causing problems at the store.
HIGHWAY 129-A woman reported identity theft.
LACONCENTIDA-A woman stated that a female tried to hit her with a vehicle.
OLD SAVANNAH HIGHWAY-A woman said 3 males were in her yard, one riding a bicycle. She later reported 2 green huffy bikes stolen from her house.
HIGHWAY 280-A man originally stopped for obstruction was then found wanted in Dublin for aggravated assault.
EVANS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL-A woman stated that while she was at the hospital, a man got into her car and refused to get out. He was reported to then begin to hit her in the face.
CEDAR AVENUE-Someone reported that he needed his clothes and medicine out of the house, but his mother would not let him in until his father got home.
CLARK STREET-Someone reported that a man was at a certain location who was known to be wanted by the Sheriff's office, so the subject was located and taken into custody.
EVANS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL-An inmate was transported to the hospital after complaining of neck pain after stating that 4 inmates had jumped on him.
NORTH CLARK STREET-A woman called to ask what she could do with her 16-year-old son who was trying to move out.
HIGHWAY 280-A 17-year-old girl was reported having driving her car without a license after being told not to leave.
CEMETARY ROAD-A woman stated that her air conditioning unit was stolen out of her window.
BUTLER ROAD-A woman reported that a residence had been broken into.
CHURCH STREET-A woman reported that a man was walking down the street waving a gun.
SHADY OAK LANE-A woman said that someone driving a truck headed toward Highway 301 was firing shots out of the window.
SHADY OAK LANE-A man was outside Teddy's Package shop who said he had been hit in the head with a gun.
HIGHWAY 301 NORTH-A man reported that someone was selling guns at the old Nesmith car lot.
HIGHWAY 129-A woman stated that someone went into her room and stole her medicine.
NORTH RIVER STREET-A woman was trying to leave her house with her children, but the male of the house would not let her leave.
ISAAC ROAD-A man reported that his niece was throwing things at him.

Claxton Police Arrests
Alvaro Rendon, 24, Washington Drive (Glennville)-driving without a license, failure to obey traffic devices.

Claxton Police Incidents
ROLLING OAKS II-A woman said a man who had been staying with her off and on came late at night beating on her door. She said he had been drinking.
SOUTH SPRING STREET-A woman reported that her Lincoln Town Car had been stolen out of her driveway. She said the car had a key pad entry, and the keys were in the ignition at the time.
MINCEY STREET-A woman reported a man who she said came into her residence and damaged her television, coffee table, picture frame, and the headboard of her bed.
SOUTH DUVAL STREET-A woman said someone broke out the window to the door of her van parked at Prime Source Autos and took a Pioneer CD player.
JANE STREET-Someone reported a dispute between a man and a woman who began arguing about her wanting to leave and go to a friend's house.
CALVARY STREET-After an argument, the man involved was said to have taken the woman's keys and then hit her in her eye and face.
ROLLING OAKS II-A woman said that her full bred Yorkie terrier, worth $1400, was taken from her residence.
NORTH GRADY STREET-A woman said that a man came into her residence without permission.
HILLSIDE APARTMENTS-A man and woman got into an argument. She said called the police when the man threatened to jump on her. She said he was cursing and acting crazy and that he was out of control.
CLYDE'S MARKET-A man reported that someone tried to break the door to the convenience store. It appeared to have been hit with a rock 6-7 times, police said, but no entry was gained.
PENN AVENUE-A woman reported that her Statesboro Herald mail box was stolen.
OAK STREET-Someone reported having received harassing phone calls