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Evans, Claxton Police reports - October 23
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Evans Sheriff's Arrests
Byron Edenfield, 20, Hill Side Inn North-Probation warrant.
Thomas Massey, 23, Glenville-Criminal trespass.
Grayson Carey Massey, 35, Dunlevierd Road South (Allenhurst)-Criminal trespass.
Erasmo Tellez Aguilar, 26, Highway 301 North-Driving without a license.
Lawerence J. Noel, 60, Riverside Drive North-Suspended/revoked license, seat belt violation.
Joel Steven Strickland, 45, Highway 129 South-DUI of alcohol.
Larry Jay Sapp, 30, Mosley Road-Driving without a license.
Travis Williams, 24, Calhoun Street-Driving without a license, failure to maintain lane.
Angelice Recandiz, 32, Highway 46 (Metter)-Driving without a license.
Raymond Earl Jackson, 49, Claxton-Traffic stop.

Evans Sheriff's Incidents
HIGHWAY 301-A caller stated there was a blue Kia swerving all over the road.
CREEK RIDGE ROAD-A caller stated that an air conditioner was taken from a vacant trailer next to hers.
RED CLAY ROAD-A man reported seeing several juvenile boys on four wheelers leaving his neighbor's house with some things believed to be taken from the house while his neighbor was not home.
MOSLEY ROAD-A woman called and stated that her father said he'd shot himself in the stomach and was driving himself out of town toward Newman.
CLAXTON POULTRY-A complainant said his Chevrolet Blazer was stolen from the plant.
JOHNSON STREET-A man said his girlfriend had stolen money and medication from him.
LONG STREET-A complainant said that a passenger in a Jeep Cherokee had pointed a gun at him.
HIGHWAY 301 NORTH-A caller stated that two vehicles were racing and almost ran her off the road.
KENNEDY BRIDGE ROAD-A caller said there was a vehicle on the side of the road that looked like it had been burnt.
HIGHWAY 280 WEST-A complainant said a girl had taken their golf cart and ran into a tree with it. The girl stated that she was not hurt and she wrecked the golf cart.
DANNY MILLER TRAILER PARK-A woman said her husband was beating her with their 2-year-old in the house.

Claxton Police Arrests
Arzel Lee Mercer, 17, Highway 301-Prior warrant for terroristic threats and acts.
Michael Paul Kennedy, 31-Entering automobile.

Claxton Police Incidents
ROLLING OAKS II APARTMENTS-A woman stated that someone jumped on her 12-year-old son when their playing turned into fighting.
WEST MAIN STREET-A complainant reported receiving harassing phone calls. He said the offender's husband and his wife were seeing each other a while back, and now she is trying to break up his family.
SHERRY STREET-A complainant stated that the offender said if his son (the complainant) "pops off" again at him, he would shoot his dog.
HILLSIDE APARTMENTS-A tenant who had not paid rent refused to leave the apartment.