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Evans, Claxton Police reports - October 16
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Evans Sheriff's Arrests
Evlalia Cortez Castro, 33, Sharon Drive-Driving without a license.
Amber Donn Jackson, 35, Clay Road-DUI of alcohol, open container violation, failure to maintain lane.
Chad Lee Dickey, 20, Birds Lane North (Collins)-DUI of alcohol.
Stephen Byles, 34, North Edgewood Drive (Statesboro)-Probation warrant.
esus Huipe, 42, (Hagan)-Driving without a license.
Kristy Michelle Miller, 30, Jenkins Road-Possession of marijuana, seat belt violation, suspended/revoked license.
Alex Amandiaz Seqarra, 31, Cleveland Street (Douglas)-Driving without a license.

Evans Sheriff's Incidents
CLAXTON POULTRY-A complainant stated that four black males were trying to start a fight with another subject.
MILTON GLISSON ROAD-A woman, her husband, and her ex-husband were arguing about child support when the husband began threatening the ex-husband. He was also reported making threatening phone calls later that day.
EDGAR HODGES ROAD-A woman stated that someone stole her debit card out of her daughter's car and made seven transactions.
D.J. ROAD-A woman said she and her husband were arguing about people living with them, and he wants her to leave and take the children with her.
DAISY-A complainant stated that her child was burned with a cigarette twice by the child's grandmother.
BARROW BAY ROAD-A woman said her significant other was drinking and beating her daughter.
HILLSIDE DRIVE-A domestic dispute was reported between a mother and a daughter.
HIGHWAY 129 NORTH-A woman said a subject was at her residence intoxicated and she wished for him to be removed.
MAGNOLIA STREET-Someone reported a boxer bulldog that was vicious and attempting to bite people.
HIGHWAY 280-A woman said her car broke down in Bellville and when she returned that night to get it, a car seat, medication, and other things were missing.
DAISY NEVILS BRIDGE-A complainant stated that there was a white male at the bridge with a rope in his hand and pointing at a residence trying to wave her down.
MAGNOLIA STREET-A complainant said a man was making threats against him.
HIGHWAY 301-A woman reported that a customer who had already been asked to leave was being loud and using foul language.
HIGHWAY 292-Someone reported that a man was beating a child and left in a Lincoln town car.
THE TWO SPOT-A woman stated that someone broke her door handle off her car.
DELOACH TRAILOR PARK-A complainant said her husband snatched the wires out of her car engine.
WINDMERE LANE-A woman stated that two women were trying to beat her up.
SUNBURY ROAD-A man said someone had broken the window out of an old house he owns.
RED CLAY ROAD-A woman said she wanted to get her belongings out of the house but her ex would not let her.
HIGHWAY 280 EAST-A woman said when she was trying to help someone get her things from her residence, the woman's husband was yelling at her and pushed her out of the house and locked his wife inside.
BREWTON STREET-A woman said she heard screaming from a nearby residence.
BREWTON STREET-A large fight was reported at this location.
HILLSIDE DRIVE-A woman said a man had broken into her daughter's house and was holding her against her will.
HIGHWAY 301-A woman reported that a customer had threatened to slap her face.

Claxton Police Arrests
William Patrick Goolsby, 33, Highway 301 North-Probation warrant.
Demere NeSmith, 38, Honey Suckle Drive-Simple battery.

Claxton Police Incidents
SUBWAY-A man said someone flattened his bike tire and removed the second tire while his bike was parked and chained to the building outside the restaurant.
CHURCH STREET-A woman reported that someone threw a brick, breaking a window at her residence.
OLIFF STREET-Someone from the ER reported that a 19-year-old girl had been hit by her ex-boyfriend.
OLIFF STREET-A woman reported a man harassing her, threatening to drag her down the street and give her a black eye.
NORTH RIVER STREET-A man said someone went into his storage location and took two chrome wheels and tires, an air compressor, wrenches, sockets, fishing tackle boxes, and two old revolvers, totaling to about an $1800 loss.
ROSEDALE STREET-A man stated that an unknown person took a $200 ramp off his car trailer.
NORTH CLARK STREET-A complainant said that his windows were broken out of his vehicle.
CYLDE'S FOODMART-A woman said she left her purse on the counter of the store, and when she came back to retrieve it, she claimed money was missing from it.
AVENUE-A woman said her car was keyed on both sides.
NORTH RIVER STREET-A woman stated that her medicine as taken out of her vehicle which was parked in her driveway at the time.
CRICKET-A man and store clerk were arguing about the man wanting to leave an iPod at the store for someone to pick up.
SUBWAY-Two men said a vehicle was following them, making threats out the window.
CHURCH STREET-Someone reported a broken window at this location.
EAST JAMES STREET-Someone reported two females in a gray jeep driving recklessly.
SOUTH NEWTON STREET-Two church pews were reported missing.
NORTH CLARK STREET-A woman reported her daughter tried to cut her own wrists.
CHURCH, BROAD, and GRADY AREA-Someone reported hearing eight rapid gun shots in the area.
EXXON-A gas drive-off was reported with an amount of about $20 of gas stolen.
GALAXY FOODS-A man acting strangely was reported at the store. He was reported trying to return steaks for cash that had been bought with a debit card.
SUBWAY-A previous employee of the store was reported causing problems.