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Dec. 22 -- Sylvania, Screven County police reports
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Sylvania Police Arrests
    * Joshua Devin Lewis, 27, Bovine Road—disorderly city ordinance, public drunkenness.
    * Corey Donnell Stancil, 19, Robbins Street—disorderly city ordinance.
    * Eli James Torrence, 19, Railroad Street—forgery.

Sylvania Police Incidents
    * NEW CHINA—An intoxicated man demanded food from the owner at the restaurant and when he refused to give it to him, the offender took food from the buffet.
    * MIMS ROAD—A woman said that her car was damaged while it was parked outside a place of business.
    * FIRST STREET—A complainant said a large group of about 10 to 14 people were about to fight in the roadway.

Screven Sheriff’s Arrests
    * Don Windell Wiggins, 45, Turkey Trail Road—hold for Sylvania PD.
    * Eli James Torrence, 19, Mock Street—hold for Sylvania PD.
    * Willie Pelote, 19, Oaks Arm Road—simple assault, disorderly conduct, disrupting operation of public school.
    * Taresa Lashawn Pelote, 27, Oaks Arm Road—disorderly conduct, disrupting operation of public school.
    * Corey D. Stancil, 19, Robbins Street—hold for Sylvania PD.
    * Shirley Maynor, 47, Industrial Street (Newington)—bench warrant.
    * Spenser Alan Evans, 22, Rockyford Road—court sentence.
    * Gwen Irene Oliver, 46, Lovett Street—probation violation.
    * Russell Thomas Rosier, 34, Brannens Bridge Road—possession of firearm by convicted felon.
    * James Joseph Kemp, 29, Winchester Road—court sentence.
    * James Levar Lewis, 32, Jarrell Pond Road—bad check/deposit account fraud.
    * Subhash Neechu, 25, Southwest 75th Avenue (Pembroke)—hold for Hiltonia PD.
    * Jessica Lorie Pierce, 28, Dodd Circle (Statesboro)—possession of controlled substance.
    * Robert E. Bazemore, 27, Savannah Highway—DUI of alcohol, failure to maintain lane.
    * Bobby Cody, 22, R.L. Lee Road (Statesboro)—DUI of alcohol, possession of controlled substance with intent.
    * Grayson Brady Wallace, 30, Sherman Road (Statesboro)—DUI of alcohol, possession of controlled substance with intent.
    * Michael Rios, 28, Pamela Way (Statesboro)—DUI of alcohol, hold for investigation.
    * Hayden Perry, 37, Rem Kim Road—possession of marijuana.
    * Joshua Lewis, 27, Bovine Road—hold for Sylvania PD.
    * Jordan Lamar Mobley, 19, Brandlewood Avenue (Savannah)—failure to appear.
    * Yolonda Leeks, 33, Stockyard Road—court sentence.
    * Dwayne Brinson, 45, Brinson Street—hit and run.
    * Torrey Lajuane Black, 28, McKinley Street (Newington)—hold for Newington PD.
    * Jessica Michelle Knox, 26, Westview II Apartments—aggravated assault.
    * Darrell Hendrix, 48, Village Green Motel—hold for Sylvania PD.
    * Joshua Lewis, 27, Bovine Road—hold for Sylvania PD.
    * Bill Ray Osborne, 43, Gulf to Bay Boulevard (Clearwater, FL)—hold for Sylvania PD.

Screven Sheriff’s Incidents
    * SCREVEN COUNTY SCHOOL BUS—Someone reported a missing iPod, believed to be taken on the school bus.
    * BUCK CREEK ROAD—The owner of a pit bull dog reported that it was missing for about a month before finding it dead on a neighbor’s property with a possible gunshot wound.
    * NEWINGTON HIGHWAY—A woman said she and a second party were leaving a party when they began arguing. She stated she threw his beer out the window, and he later threatened to take her car.
    * AMI KIDS—A man said someone had broken out the driver’s side rear passenger vent window while he was at work.
    * SAVANNAH HIGHWAY—Someone reported an attempted break in of a utility shed where the screen was cut out of the window.
    * MILLEN HIGHWAY—A woman said her ex-boyfriend attacked her, pushing her, choking her, and punching her in the mouth, then breaking her cell phone.