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Dec. 22 -- Evans County, Claxton Police Reports
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Evans Sheriff's Arrests
    * Salvador A. Rodriquez, 39, Danny Miller Trailer Park (Hagan)-expired tag, DUI of alcohol, failure to maintain lane, driving without a license.
    * Abel Yanez Tapia, 33, North Statesboro Drive-driving without a license.
    * Daniel Bautista Ramierz, 28, East Grove Lane (Pembroke)-driving without a license.
    * Pablo Perez Rodriguez, 17, North Winnmere Road-driving without a license, giving false information to officers.
    * James Stancil Watson, 48, North Rosemary Street-aggravated assault.
    * William Daniel Mitchell, 40, North Caddie Green Road-simple battery.
    * William Frederick Lacey, 35, Allene Circle (Reidsville)-deposit account fraud.
    * Teresa A. Ehrman, 50, Hagan-hold for probation detention center.

Evans Sheriff's Incidents
    * EDGAR HODGES ROAD-A man stated that someone stole a motor from his possession.
    * BRADLEY LANE-A man said someone stole his gun out of his cousin's vehicle.
    * NORTH BRIDGE STREET-A woman stated that someone stole her identity.
    * WILTON THREAT ROAD-A woman said there was a small black car with a black male driving around the neighborhood after he pulled into her neighbor's drive.
    * HIGHWAY 129-A complainant said her back door was wide open and things were strewn everywhere.
    * MILTON GLISSON ROAD-A complainant reported two unwanted persons at their residence.
    * HIGHWAY 280 EAST-A man said when he returned from military service his car had been vandalized and put in a junk yard.
    * HIGHWAY 301 SOUTH-Someone reported seeing a reckless driver with a child standing in the front seat.
    * HIGHWAY 301 SOUTH-A man said someone cut his fence at his business and believed someone to be inside.
    * MOSLEY ROAD-A man reported loaning his ladder to someone who would not return it and later found it to be at the pawn shop.
    * HILLSIDE DRIVE-A woman reported her own and several other mailboxes knocked down.
    * TELLIE AKINS ROAD-A woman stated that someone went into her son's trailer and took some of his belongings.
    * OLD DUBLIN ROAD-A woman stated that her boyfriend was hitting himself in the eye and told her he was going to make a police report saying she had hit him.
    * HIGHWAY 280-A woman reported that her husband was not suppose to be at her house but had parked there and walked across the street instigating an argument with her grandfather.
    * WHISPERING PINES-A woman said her landlord was at her residence harassing her.

Claxton Police Arrests
    * Dorethea Lynn Eldred, 40, Jim Cannon Road-theft by shoplifting.
    * James S. Watson, 48, Rosemary Street-aggravated assault, public intoxication.

Claxton Police Incidents
    * WEST MAIN STREET-A man reported being cut on the back of his leg by another man.
    * GALAXY FOODS-A manager stated that a woman came into the store and paid for most of her food then put a rack of ribs, Brunswick stew, cough syrup and Tyson chicken wings under her jacket in the shopping cart.
    * GOODGE STREET-Someone reported that an unleashed dog came into her yard.