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Mornings unPHILtered - KBB begins new recycling campaign
W Jenna Lawson KBB
Jenna Lawson
    Friday’s first guest on the “Morning’s UnPhiltered” show was Keep Bulloch Beautiful’s Jenna Lawson. KBB is an affiliate group of “Keep America Beautiful.” Executive director Jenna Lawson, in her first appearance on the show, spoke of how KBB’s efforts – litter collection, recycling, and beautification – depend on all of its volunteers.
    Lawson spoke of a new campaign launched by the Georgia State Department of Community Affairs in June 2009 that KBB kicked-off in Statesboro this week. Dealing with recycling, the “You’ve got to be kidding” campaign is focused around fictional characters (the main one is named Tommy) that do not recycle.
    Tommy, Lawson said, is confused about why it is essential that everyone must recycle. He thinks that if it gets bad enough he can just move to another planet, so why worry. This program is focused on the 26-34 year old crowd, which data shows is both the most likely to litter and the easiest to motivate to change their habits.
    Lawson informed listeners that after receiving a promotional kit from the state, KBB is going to distribute the campaign items at the Ogeechee Fair and other events taking place in Bulloch County. KBB’s “Tailgating Recycling Program” at all GSU home games will now include the new campaign.
    At these tailgating events, KBB volunteers set up recycling containers and pass out garbage collection bags. Lawson shared that KBB collects at least 1,000 pounds of trash that might otherwise be left on the ground at each tailgating event. In addition, Lawson shared that Statesboro High School has a very active recycling effort underway, and praised them for doing a very good job picking up the trash at their home games.
    KBB was founded in 2000. With three staff members, KBB has a 16-member Board of Directors representing the cities of Portal, Brooklet, Register, Statesboro as well as the Statesboro-Bulloch County Chamber of Commerce.
    Ricky Dubois was the next guest on the show. His subject was the opening of a variety of hunting seasons. Dubois stated that deer bow season has already started, black powder season starts this weekend, and rifle seasons starts next weekend. He stated that most hunting is done on private land, but added there are several state-operated land areas where one can hunt.
    Dubois described what types of guns are used for black powder, which typically involves the pioneer type of guns, but he shared that more modern versions of the weapons are now available on the market. In Georgia, Dubois said, there are seasons for almost all types of game: quail, rabbit, deer, etc.
    His favorite hunting area, he said, was Fort Stewart, but he advised folks to be careful to observe all of the rules in place while they are on the military reservation. Asked about how hunters can process the game they have killed, he stated that he prefers to take his game it to the professionals, not only for safety but also in order to avoid the messiness of dressing out live meat at home.
    Dubois advised folks that the first three weeks don’t shoot anything but the large bucks. He stated that if hunters don’t leave the smaller does alone at first, in no time at all the larger bucks would simply disappear. Dubois commented that while the biggest buck he has bagged so far was an eight-pointer, but said there are bigger ones out there.

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