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Mornings unPHILtered - Candidate Johnson shares her views
JOHNSON Lottie 091809
Lottie Johnson
    Wednesday's guest on the “Morning's unPhiltered” radio show was Lottie Johnson, candidate for Statesboro City Council seat in District Four. She is running, along with Fred Parrish and John Riggs, for the seat given up by unopposed mayoral candidate Joe Brannen.
    During the recent candidate forum, Johnson mentioned her business credentials, stating that she and her now-deceased husband “built both the first minimart and the first shopping center in Statesboro.”
    Johnson said she had sent out a bunch of letters to folks, introducing herself to the district's residents, but had not done any door-to-door campaigning.
    Asked by show host Phil Boyum about consolidation, she said that if this were done, you'd have one government instead of two. People, she said, already have too many taxes on them. Therefore, it might greatly reduce the tax burden of citizens. Therefore, she would consider supporting a study.
    District Four residents, she said, are just biting the bullet and are overwhelmed. She said the first way the city could reduce taxes was to reduce property assessments.
    Concerning the influx of student voters, she said that their voting “messes things up. They aren't the one's who are paying taxes.” Asked about her business experience in Statesboro, and the city relationship with Georgia Southern, Johnson said, “Statesboro wouldn't be anything without the college.”
     “They need to work together,” she said, when asked about the relationships between the city and the county. “There needs to be a woman on the council” Johnson told Boyum, adding, “It's a woman that can get things done.”
    If Sunday alcohol sales came up before the city council, Johnson said she'd let somebody else propose a referendum, stating that “people (can) stay high as a kite all week” and that she, personally saw no need for drinking on Sunday.
    Johnson mentioned several times during her interview that for long term future planning, the city could consider moving Statesboro High out of town, so that there would be plenty of room for future expansion for both the schools and the business center of the city. She also said the city needs “several smart dress shops.”
    When asked about whether or no the city council needs to be involved with the hiring and firing of employees, Johnson responded “That's part of what the city manager is. They've been doing that for 18 years.”
    Concerning the role of the city in hiring and firing city employees, Lewis said he believes the city manager must have the authority to deal with personnel issue and not worry about whether or not he would be supported in what he did. He feels the Judy McCorkle issue should have gone to the courts, and not been s3ttled outside of that venue.
     “Mornings unPHILtered” airs live Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. on and also simulcast on WWNS-AM 1240 on the radio. You also can listen anytime at on
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