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Mornings unPHILtered - AG candidate would sue over health care
Preston Smith states case for nomination
Preston smith for Web
Preston Smith

    Preston Smith, one of three Republican candidates running for Georgia attorney general, was Wednesday’s “Mornings unPHILtered” show.
    Asked by show host Phil Boyum why he decided to run for the AG office, Smith replied that it's time to have a conservative willing to fight for the rights of all Georgians.
    The recently passed health care bill is the first issue he promised to tackle. Gov. Sonny Purdue appointed a special attorney after attorney general Thurbert Baker refused to join a multi-state lawsuit against the bill.
    Smith said the “Obamacare” plan takes away state oversight of health care and gives it to federal agencies instead. Smith said this is a perfect example of the federal government overstepping its bounds as to the amount of power they were intended to wield.
    This idea should become part of the mainstream political discussion, and should not be treated as if it was some radical idea. Smith said the Founding Fathers never intended for the states to be subservient to the central government.
    Smith said he is a seventh generation Georgian from the Rome area, and has served in the Georgia Senate for eight years.
    As chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Smith oversaw many top judicial appointments and oversight of law enforcement agencies. A graduate of the University of Georgia law school, Smith has also been a private attorney for many years.
    Concerning the upcoming redistricting, Smith said Georgians must elect people who promise to be fair and not split the state up for the sole purpose of grabbing more power. Georgia is under the Voting Rights Act of 1965, so the likelihood is that the map will be fought over in court.
    Smith said this act is in effect in the southern states. Smith said this was unfair, and promised to fight for either having the voting rights act cover all states or have it withdrawn altogether.
    Boyum asked Smith how to prevent the new politicians from becoming just like those they replace. Smith said the only way is to elect people who have a track record of standing up when they don't like what is going on and being true to their principals.
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