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Money donations for hurricane victims needed now
Texas plight ongoing; donated items welcome later
W American-Red-Cross

As the remnants of Hurricane Harvey continue to wreak havoc on portions of Texas, people across the country are waiting to see how they can help.

However, at this point, needs are undetermined, and the delivery of goods could hamper rescue efforts, said Bulloch County Public Safety Director Ted Wynn.

"I am encouraging all to text HARVEY to 90999 or go to the Red Cross website ( and donate," he said on Monday. "Flooding is still unfolding and will last several days. Relief supply logistics may prove to be difficult for us as we are several states away, but we will monitor" them and make the decision on how to help "based on need when this event is over."

A text sent to 90999 or clicking the link on the Red Cross site will donate $10.

"Do it as often as you can," Wynn urged.

While the devastation is still unfolding, sending donations is not advisable right now, he said.

"At this time, relief supplies would overwhelm the rescue and recovery efforts underway," he said. "This disaster will continue for the next several days, and with our community partners, we will launch collection of relief supplies if that is appropriate."

Wynn said that as of Monday, more than 2,000 water rescues had been made, and 1,000 victims were still awaiting rescue.

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