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Manager's job up in air again
Council may seek Haynes' resignation following executive session
W Shane Haynes
Shane Haynes

      An executive session is called for tonight's Statesboro City Council meeting where three city council members are expected to call for City Manager Shane Haynes' resignation.
      At the end of the agenda for Tuesday evening's council meeting is a planned executive session to discuss a personnel matter, widely believed to concern Haynes' future with the city. Council members Tommy Blitch, Gary Lewis and John   Riggs are expected to request Haynes resign.
      Lewis, who called for the executive session to be added to the agenda, would not say if the Council will discuss asking for Haynes' resignation.
      "No comment. That's it," he said.
      Councilman Travis Chance, however, said he believes members of Council will seek Haynes' resignation.
      "I've got a very good feeling that, yes, Shane's future with the city will be discussed at (Tuesday's) executive session," Chance said. "I'm very concerned with tomorrow's executive session, not only for the city manager and his family, but I'm also concerned, as a city, where this is going to leave us. I'm very troubled by this whole thing and I'm very upset that this is going to be discussed tomorrow night."
      On the other hand, Riggs also would not elaborate about the executive session.
      "We're going to discuss personnel issues," Riggs said.
      Likewise, Blitch would not confirm what would be discussed in executive session.
      "You know I can't answer that. That is tomorrow, this is today," Blitch said. "I think we have an executive session to discuss personnel matters. And that's as far as I can go. We might not take any action. I just don't know."
       Should the council call for Haynes' resignation, and he agrees, the move could cost the city approximately $85,000 for Haynes' severance package, as stipulated by his employment contract.
      "If the Employee (Haynes) resigns following an offer to accept resignation...then the Employee may declare a termination as of the date of the suggestion," the contract reads.
       Councilman Will Britt said that all decisions Haynes made while city manager were either with the approval of council or with council being aware of his intentions.
      "We challenged him to balance the budget - he did that. We challenged him to cut expenses - he's done that. He's operating with less employees at city hall. And during the time he's been here, the building next door got done, the SAC has balanced its budget, the Downtown Development balanced it budget. We've had a meeting on campus," Britt said. "I just see it as we've had a lot of positives and I can't quite figure out what this group (of three councilmen) is upset about.   Because I don't see what they're mad about professionally."
       Chance said he believes the city will be worse off without Haynes at the helm.
       "Shane Haynes has done absolutely nothing wrong. Shane, as a manager, is capable, is very articulate, is very through, is very responsible, honest trustworthy - the list can go on and on," Chance said. "As a city manager, I believe he has done an exemplary job."
      Haynes could not be reached for comment.
      Phil Boyum may be reached at (912) 489-9454.

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