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Local woman asks to be arrested to have a place to stay, sleep
Amanda Joy Lee - photo by Special
    A Statesboro woman wanted  to go to jail so badly she aggravated a deputy until he found a reason to place her behind bars.
    Amanda Joy Lee, 27, Pleasant Point Road, begged a deputy to arrest her so she would have a place to sleep. When she finally did break a law by refusing deputy's orders, she extended her stay in jail because by breaking the law, she also broke probation.
    Bulloch County Sheriff's Deputy Ben Coney responded Tuesday evening  to a reported domestic dispute at a Pleasant Point Road residence. He spoke to a female complainant who said she and Lee, listed in reports as a previous resident of the address,  had a verbal argument.
    The complainant told Coney she wanted Lee, also  listed in reports as the "primary aggressor,"  off her property.
    Lee  told Coney she wanted to leave the complainant's home but had nowhere to go, he said.
    "At this time Lee asked me if I could arrest her so she would have a place to sleep," he wrote in reports. "I explained ... I could not arrest her unless she actually broke  the law."
    Determined to find a way to go to jail, Lee did not relent, continuously hounding Coney to arrest her.
    While begging to be arrested, Lee also refused Coney's orders to leave the complainant's home. When she refused several times, Lee got what she asked for — Coney arrested her on charges of obstruction, according to reports.
    Lee was taken to the Bulloch County Jail, where she remained without bond Wednesday, according to jail records.
    A jail spokesman said the obstruction charge caused Lee to also break probation, which is the reason no bond has been set.