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You want the flea market to reopen? Then get involved
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      A couple of weeks ago, I wrote in this paper that the City of Statesboro closed the Statesboro Flea Market for no truly good reason. Since that time, several of those who had booths at the Market as well as those of us who simple shopped at the Market and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, have been working to get it reopened.
      The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jennings, have gone so far as to get a local bank to offer funding to have the necessary work done so that the Market can reopen. However, those who are on the City Council that represent “the people” of Statesboro – you, the voter – will not answer a simple question. Mr. Jennings has requested the council give him a list of the necessary upgrades so that the bank will know what is required to have the Zoning Department (it was this department that closed the Market) provide the license to reopen. As of this letter, the request has been ignored.
      At Tuesday’s Council meeting, many of the men and women who had booths at the Flea Market showed up once again to offer support, have their voices heard, and to let the council members know that this isn’t going to “go away.” It is now time to come to you, the citizen of Statesboro, to ask for help. Many of you have shopped at the Statesboro Flea Market, and many more of you have not. However, I know that no matter whether you have shopped at the flea market many times or didn’t even know there was a flea market, those of you who read the Statesboro Herald are good, decent people. If you believe, as I do, that to put over 50 men and women out of a job because 40 paved parking spaces and 4 handicapped parking spaces are not enough to qualify as a “paved lot,” then something is wrong, then it is time to act.
      Here is what I would like to ask that you do. Please contact your state senator and congressmen and let them know that you think the flea market should be reopened “as is” and that they get personally involved. Also, call the city hall and let the city know that having 50 + jobs taken away for no true reason is simply wrong. To help you out, I am providing the necessary phone numbers and addresses. Also, if you wish to look at the building and grounds where the flea market was, it is located next to Hendrix Sport Shop on Hwy 301 N, just down from the jail.
      “We the People” often wonder what we can do to make a difference. Here is a time to make your voices heard. While this isn’t an issue that will make national headlines, it is important to many people in our community and “We the People” - that is you and me – can make a difference. Will you join me? I hope and pray you will. May god bless!
Tom Grovenstein

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