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When it comes to theory of evolution, stick to the facts
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      The Statesboro Herald article in the March 7 paper about home-school texts indicated that certain publishers might run into trouble by not teaching evolution theory in their Biology text books. I suspect that they are in real trouble. That is like flushing a Koran in Iran. The following discussion of evolution explains why.
      Some time ago here in Georgia, a school board added stickers in the front of science books saying that "evolution is a theory." The challenge in court resulted in interpreting that as saying "Creationism is not a theory" (which it obviously does not say) and ordered them removed, claiming that Creationism is a religion. The court order was appealed.
      Do you know what their real problem is? With or without Science book disclaimers, evolution is still just an unproven theory. So also is the "electron theory". It too has been shown to be wrong in certain circumstances, yet it has been useful as a tool to develop and produce our many modern electronic gadgets. The theory of evolution has produced nothing of value to mankind. Actually it has convinced many people that they are nothing more than animals – so they now act like it. It is therefore of negative value.
      Those who use the electron theory recognize it is not perfect, but it is a useful tool in certain circumstances, and go ahead and use it. Those that believe in the evolution theory find that it is totally useless, but they will defend it fiercely – against common sense and all other religions.
      Biologists have been able to classify living creatures into groups and sub-groups, and have been able to make changes to food, medicine, plants, animals, etc. None of this required evolution. It was all done by hybridizing and adaptation. Not all of these changes have been beneficial, but that is a problem common to all scientific endeavor.
      A gradual change from one species to another is the basis of the evolution theory and has never been demonstrated by any evidence. There are ample fossil records of both fish and lizards – but not one record of a half fish, half lizard – and there never will be. It could never survive as one of the "fittest." Today when the swamps dry up, the fish don’t change into lizards – they die.
      Neither are there any records of other transitions from one specie to another. In fact, every known instance of mutation has resulted in a degradation of quality instead of an improvement – evolution in reverse. If you can believe in evolution in spite of all that, you have much more "faith" than I have. Still, "evolutionists" insist on believing and teaching the impossible and the unprovable. That is the definition of "religious dogma" – believing in the unprovable "by faith". It is the basis of all the religions of the world, including evolution. [Just to clarify a point – the Judeo-Christianity of the Bible can be proven with physical evidence. It is a fact, not just a religion.] All other religions, including the Christian Religion (not to be confused with real Christianity) are merely unprovable theories. Still, many of their adherents are willing to die (or kill you) to defend their religion.
      Evolution has been taught as "science" (which it is not) in all government schools for most of a century. Is it any wonder that the majority of graduates say they "believe" in it? It has become the official religion taught in the school systems of the United States. The ACLU and others dare not object to it. Adding it to a science course sets that particular science back to the era of witch burning. (It could be taught in "comparative religions" along with other mythology, though.) However taking evolution out of the teaching of biology will probably never happen because the "evolution religion" is now more firmly entrenched than ever.
      I remember in the 1960's when our children’s school science books all had a disclaimer in the front saying that "evolution is an unproven theory." Somehow, over the years, that got deleted, and now when someone tried to put it back in, it created a violent outcry from the evolutionists trying to protect their religion. It has never been necessary to put a disclaimer in the front of science books saying that "the electron theory doesn’t work in all circumstances." Electron theory is not the religion of scientists, so they do not defend it as such.
      Just stick to the facts, like other Science courses, and stop making up myths to try to explain things you don’t understand – then teaching them as truth.
Jamie F. Appleton

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