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Thanks to Northside Car Care for service above and beyond
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      I am writing to thank, and to compliment, Mr. Tim Singleton, manager of Northside Car Care in Statesboro for helping us out of a jam recently.
      My wife and I were in the middle of an emergency road trip from Asheville, North Carolina to Orlando, Florida when our car broke down. We were on our way to see my father, who had taken ill, and we had no time to waste. Suddenly, in Statesboro, our transmission just stopped working entirely - none of the gears worked. We were stuck. 
      The tow truck operator recommended Northside, and we had the car towed there at 7:30 on a Saturday morning. Mr. Singleton was already there and he opened up early to let us in. We couldn't wait around all day, or possibly longer, for an extensive repair or overhaul (if we had been told, the entire transmission has to be replaced, we would not have known any better). 
      We were expecting to leave our car behind to be repaired there and were literally on the way out the door to go rent a car to finish the trip when Mr. Singleton said, wait just a few minutes, let's see if there's anything we can do first.
      In about half an hour he and his mechanic managed to effect a temporary repair (a cable running from the gear shifter to the transmission had broken) at a very modest charge. He warned us that this was just a temporary fix and we would have to have the part replaced once we returned home, but that it would last until then. And so it did. 
      We were able to complete our emergency trip to see my sick father, and to return to Asheville (where we had the broken transmission cable replaced - a lengthy and expensive job). 
      Mr. Singleton was not only honest, and a good mechanic - he was also willing to help some strangers in trouble, and willing to take the initiative to go just a little bit farther to do so. I told him as we left that morning to continue our journey that I would recommend his business to anyone, and I am writing now to your newspaper to do so.
Bruce Ammerman
Asheville, N.C.

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