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Thanks for the great work and great memories, Chief York
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      This past week I had the pleasure of attending a retirement send off for Stan York that was put on by friends and colleagues. What a great turn out and tribute to such an outstanding individual.
      I worked with Stan for several years when he first came to the Statesboro Police Department. You will never find anyone more dedicated and devoted to his or her profession. He lived and breathed police work and never lost his passion for being a public servant. He was a survivor in a career that literally went from Mayberry to Robo Cop. No one after him will ever see the changes and advancements in police work that Stan has experienced.
      He came from the old school but always had a vision as to what the future may hold. My hat’s off to him for making it to the end.
      To this day I often think about old war stories and the experiences I had back in the day. At the time (mid 70s) the police department was rather small, but we had several individuals that eventually worked their way up the ladder.
      Merle Clark started out as a detective and later became chief. Richard Malone was just starting out with the Sheriff’s Department and later became chief of the SPD. Ken Brown was a detective and later became chief of the GSU police department. Mike Russell was a patrolman and is currently the chief of the GSU police department.
      And last but not least, I left the SPD as a Lieutenant and am currently a chief with the Georgia Air National Guard. Not bad for a bunch of old Mayberry misfits. Thanks for the memories Stan. Good luck to you and your family.
Al Hammock

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