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Reader endorses Stone for Congressional seat
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I write to Statesboro Herald readers asking them to consider voting for John Stone for U.S. Congress.
John is an experienced legislative aide, having worked numerous congressmen, including Reps. Charlie Norwood, Max Burns and, most recently, Texas congressman John Carter.

John Stone is a local boy who grew up in Augusta and attended what was then Augusta College and the University of Georgia in the 1970s. For a long time, John was a news anchor and reporter for WBBQ News in Augusta. He has raised six daughters and is concerned for their futures and the futures of their families.

The things that I like about John are his honesty, his efforts to research and find solutions for pressing issues (like illegal immigration on the Texas border), and his willingness to defend the free activities of American citizens from federal government intrusions. He understands that governments often prevent the creation of jobs for low-wage workers, even as they loudly proclaim their latest initiatives to create jobs and raise incomes.

Even though John has experience working in Washington, D.C., he is no Washington insider. In fact, when John worked for Rep. Carter, he made sure that he and his family lived an hour west of D.C. in Front Royal, Va., so they could maintain a healthy outsiders' perspective on the workings within the Washington Beltway.

I encourage Herald readers to read John's website at and to vote for him in the upcoming May Republican primary.


Reid S. Derr


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