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Press not telling the whole truth about global warming
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    The Sunday (Dec 6) newspaper had an Associated Press story by Charles J. Hanley and Jan M. Olsen headline “Climate Drama Climax Looks Elusive”. Both reporters told us that the conference on “Global Warming” in Copenhagen would not produce an overall world agreement because of a disagreement between rich nations and poor nations. These nations could not agree on how to redistribute wealth from rich nations (mainly the U.S.) to poor nations.
    I could write a book on why this transfer of wealth is a huge political scheme by leftist/socialists to destroy the U.S. and bring about their real desire of creating a one-world government ruled by them as the "rightful ruling class".  However, George Orwell has already written this book. It is called “1984“. Check out his other book “Animal Farm”.
    Orwell describes a fictitious country of Oceania where the people live under a totalitarian government that denies free speech and all other rights we take for granted in the Bill of Rights. What the government says is the only truth in Oceania. Terms such as “Big Brother is watching you” describes the massive government surveillance of the population, and “Newspeak” which describes how the only excepted language is the “Party Line” is described in his book. The people are remained every day by their TV what the “Party Line” is. The “Supreme Leader” is always on TV reminding the people what to think. The “Party” a (Socialist/Communist Party) that rules brands any thought not that of the government’s “Party Line”, as a thought crime. You know, like a “Hate Crime”. They can read your mind and your thoughts become a crime.
    So, what does Orwell’s “1984” have to do with this story about Global Warming.
 These two AP accomplices gave the “Party Line”.  Surely, you believe that man is the cause of Global Warming, and it is fossil fuels that man uses to produce the energy that supports our way of living is the cause of Global Warming, and  surely you believe that we must replace fossil fuels with environmentally friendly sources of energy like wind and solar power. You must believe it. It is the “Party Line”. It is taught to our children in school. It is printed in our textbooks. Our Old Mainstream Press (AP, UP New York Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS) all echo the “Party Line”. “It Must Be True”. Al Gore said it was true and said the debate on this issue was closed!
    Anyone who dares to speak out about the problems in the data that the political left (Socialists ) in this country and around the world have been using to support “The Party Line” have been ridiculed, called names, shouted down by leftists at meetings, had their jobs terminated and on and on. This “Groupthink” is dangerous as Orwell pointed out. The search for the truth is what has always been the driving force in this country until now! Debate of the issues is “Free Speech”. The search for the truth is “Free Speech”.
    What did these AP reporters do? They did not tell the American people the truth about the false, misleading, and downright lies surrounding the Global Warming fraud one that would cost the American people trillions of dollars if not stopped. This will be the biggest fraud ever in the history of man.
    They failed to report the e-mails from the scientists at the center of the research at East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit in England. These scientists were saying to each other how flawed their data was on Global Warming.  One e-mail indicated that they had to hide the data and would even destroy the data to keep it out of the hands of their critics. These AP reporters knew about these e-mails yet chose to keep them out of their story. Why keep them out? Because,  it was not the “Party Line”. There was no search for the truth! No debate on the issue! Just deceit!
    The press; like our military; are the guardians of our freedom. Our military must remain
A-Political, and so should our press. The job of a free press is to search for the truth and support open debate.
    P.S Which political Party is pushing Global Warming as the “Party Line“?

Thomas F. McElwee

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