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Letter - Segment reveals NPR has political goals
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            In a quite predictable manner, National Public Radio (NPR) broadcasts interviews with family members of U.S. soldiers who recently lost their lives in Iraq. While it is appropriate to honor these fallen heroes and hear comments from their families and friends, other grievous losses usually go unreported by this radio medium. How often have comments been aired from a family whose son or daughter died due to a drunk driver? Are these much more numerous deaths somehow less important?

            It is clear that NPR has political goals that are served by emphasizing the unfortunate casualties associated with the Iraq war. However, deaths caused by drunken drivers are not the responsibility of the Bush administration, and are therefore not considered newsworthy. The Democratically-controlled Congress could lead the way to reduce these tragic highway losses, but senators live New York’s Charles Schumer are obviously too occupied with finding fault with Attorney General Gonzales and celebrating over his resignation. Here again, politics determines actions taken.

John E. Carlson

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