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Legislators bowing to gun rights groups
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The front page headline for Wednesday, February 19, must be erroneous. No reasonable legislator would want as general policy "Firearms allowed in schools and churches." But under that headline, the Associated Press reporter, Ray Henry, says Georgia lawmakers have indeed passed a bill to "reduce the penalties for carrying guns on college campuses and in airport security check-points." The lawmakers' motivation for such unreasonableness, Henry says, comes from their "facing pressure from vocal gun rights groups."

If that is the case, "gun rights groups" have a grotesquely strong influence in determining educational policy. What can an ordinary citizen do? One thing not to do is to carry firearms to school. Maybe it would be a good thing if the legislators couldĀ  themselves return to school for some elementary instruction in what used to be called "deportment."

Luther ScalesStatesboro

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