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How you adapt to change will determine our future
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      The recent announcements to the citizens of Georgia have justly been met with passion. We are talking about real impacts on our community and other communities in the state and more importantly individuals and their families. The obvious results will be the loss of jobs that has a far reaching impact beyond those unfortunate employees who lose their income, but also to our whole business community.  This is not easy to take for any of us.
      When I see the viewpoints in the Statesboro Herald that range from announcements of "more harm than good" and blaming Sonny Perdue for misusing money, you are merely picking at the surface. First, I would ask, where have you been?   What the state is finally getting around to doing has been done once, twice and maybe three times by our local businesses here and abroad.

  My complaint is that the state has not acted quickly enough to keep us from falling off the financial cliff.  Thirty percent budget cuts are nothing compared to what the final impact may be when we get to the bottom.
Waiting and hoping that this current state of the economy turns around in time to meet budget shortfalls is woefully misguided and immature.  Guess what, our state is in trouble financially unlike we have ever seen in our lifetime and it is going to hurt real bad.
      If we lament that our beloved GSU will return to look like 1998 then we are being shortsighted to the fact that everything that we know as being our way of conducting business and government has forever changed. There is no going back. If we do not realize this and want to continue to do business as usual, then we are doomed to fail. The right solution is not going to be how we can raise taxes to meet shortfalls or ask for money from Uncle Sam.
      The right solution will be how do we change the way that we do business to survive and thrive in this new economy. We need to stop looking to government for our needs and start looking at ourselves. The government must stop spending the people's money especially when they do not have it to spend in the first place.
      As for me, my family and my business, we will look to God for strength and guidance through this valley. We will not be waiting for Him to carry us, because we will be walking with Him and a lot of this walking will be done on our knees. You see, this is God's teachable moment. Let us learn from the Master.
      God Bless America!
Jim A Benton

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