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Health care bill is a bad law for the people
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      This is a very sad time for America. In spite of “We the People” shouting out that the health care plan is the wrong way to go (55% are against it, 36% are for it – Pew Center for Research), our president is shredding our Constitution, and our House members being deaf to their constituents, it passed its first hurdle. Please allow me to state the reasons why I believe this is such a bad law.
1.    At a time when the number of doctors – especially general practitioners – is shrinking, the government is adding between 20 – 35 million people to what amounts to forced Medicare. No matter what the president and his minions tell us, rationing will be an absolute necessity.
2.    For the first time in American history, the government is mandating the population to buy a service (medical care) or receive a punishment (a fine). It is important to understand that medical care is a service and not a right. No one has a natural right to health care. God gives our human rights to us, as stated indirectly in our Constitution. Never has a “right” held a punishment and I believe the courts will overturn this law.
3.    Small business owners are going to divest themselves of millions of workers when given the choice of paying for mandated insurance or of paying a fine (part of the bill includes an addition of 15,000 IRS agents to ensure small business owners follow the law). This will also force even more businesses overseas.
4.    The past is a good indicator of the future. No agency that is run by the government is run at or under cost. The numbers that have been given by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is a guess and nothing more. CBO figures don’t include filling the “doughnut hole” in Medicare’s prescription drug benefit, increasing funding for community health centers and prevention efforts – in the legislation. Add it all up and the 10-year cost of health reform is about $1.072 trillion. I believe the actual cost is much higher, given the cost in lives lost or ruined by rationed, national health care, which must happen given fewer doctors and many more patients. Please go to the Christian Science Monitor for additional information.
5.    Our president has lied to us many times in the past year. That is a fact that can be confirmed by simply reading the paper. (Here are a few: he said 2003 that America needs a single payer – read “government” – health care system, in 2008 he said we should not have a single payer system; in 2007, his campaign said that he “was not a Muslim,” “was not a practicing Muslim,” and “was no longer a practicing Muslim” in various statements – it can only be one; and in perhaps the most infamous, he said he was not a follower of Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright when in fact, Obama had Wright on his election leadership committee). In addition, Obama has committed countless acts of bribery. According to Webster’s Dictionary, a bribe is “money or favor given or promised in order to influence the judgment or conduct of a person in a position of trust.” Dozens of House members have had their “minds changed” by various promises from the president. This is bribery. If you or I did this, it would be a felony, however, this president has shredded the Constitution, lied to the American people over and over, so what is a few felonies to go along with that.
      What will happen only God knows. This I do know. While our government is spending it’s time and our money (and billions of borrowed money) on this illegal bill, the things that really matter – our nations infrastructure, the Middle East (especially our raveling relationship with Israel), the attack by China (yes, America, we are under attack by China), and the global war on terror are destroying us. We the people are at a tipping point. We must act. As a Libertarian, I believe in small government, power from the people to the elected, and freedoms to live a life that allows each of us choice without government interference – in short, the government that our Founding Fathers gave us in the Constitution. The unintended consequences of this health care mandate are going to be horrendous. Please take a stand. Become educated about what is going on in Washington and do not stand idly by while our “leaders” destroy our country. It is the best country in the world – still – but for how long?
      May God bless!
Tom Grovenstein

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