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Don't call it the Old Mafia Hotel
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      "Old Mafia Hotel"
      That is the description written in the Statesboro Herald on Friday, Feb. 19, explaining where the Hearts and Hands Clinic is to open. If the Reverend John Long and Andres Montes president knew any history of what that hotel was named when it was first built and who owned it then he should have had a press release written that the name was "The Biltmore Motor Lodge" and not to have referred it in the public and newspaper as the "Old Mafia Hotel."
      This motel was owned by Mrs. H.A. Dockery, who in 1956 purchased 17 acres of land and built the motor lodge in 1961. This was owned by a Southern Baptist family of Irish decent and a Christian woman who was a resident of Miami Beach for a number of years and owned a hotel there. And at one time she was employed as a civil servant by the government’s accounting section. She operated the Biltmore with her daughter Pauline Dockery.
      There was an articls written in the Statesboro Herald providing information as to why the Mafia had nothing to do with the motel or any business in Statesboro. The first was written in The George-Anne on May 5, 1983 and the second ran in the Statesboro Herald May 15, 1983.
      After Mrs. Dockery passed and her sister Pauline could no longer keep it up, the local magistrate judge held a fire auction to sell the property even though the judge told Ms. Pauline he wouldn’t. Ms. Pauline has passed but she still has family in Statesboro who are very hurt that the business that those two Christian ladies worked so hard at to make a living is still referred to as The Mafia Hotel in public and print in the Statesboro Herald. 
      It is long past time to put an end to the continual haunting and painful rumors?
Sparky Chase

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