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Dangerous decisions being made in Washington are far from laughable
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  The current situation in Washington, D.C., is so terrible and so pathetic that were it not such a dangerous path our "leadership" is leading "We the People" down it would be laughable. It is not laughable!
      Thirty-two percent. That is the current percent of Americans that support the health care bills that now sit in the House and Senate and will now be hammered into a composite bill behind closed doors. This comes from an administration that promised totally transparent and open debate. That, my friends, is a lie. No matter how one spins it, our government is lying to us. Here is what the problem is. America needs a revised health care system, no question. How to fix the problem is another matter. Our Commander in Chief, his minions in the House and Senate, and many who are totally misguided are supporting a bill and telling the American citizens that they are doing what is best for us.
      How can we believe what we cannot even see? As I write this, there is no question that the Republicans are unable to give any input into the health care process. Now, if you will remember back to the campaign season,, we were promised from our sitting president that his term would be the most open and bi-partisan ever. Wow, now that was a comforting thought. Isn't hindsight 20/20? I am not going to try and determine how many lies this current administration has made, as those who care realize that We the People are being totally deceived and lied to and those who are for the current administration are so blinded by his vocabulary and speaking ability that the message (and lack thereof) that nothing I or anyone else says will sway them.
       Speaker of the House Pelosi stated last week that the process that is leading up to the partisan health care bill is one of the most open and transparent that she has ever been associated with. This is a laughable statement and so totally false and actually makes one wonder if she is sane.
      What are we to do? First, I can say that writing the leadership and expressing an opinion is not very promising. I wrote Speaker Pelosi, Senator Reid, and others on the committee and received in return a "boilerplate" response thanking me for my interest in their work. Huh? Obviously they don't read the e-mails any more than they read the bills they vote for. Here is what I do suggest. Even though it is less than an ideal way to get ones point across, using the post office is still the most effective way to contact the members of the House and Senate. With that in mind, please join me in writing your Senators and congressmen and women as well as those in the leadership positions.
      The addresses are available at the respective U.S. Senate and U.S. House web sites as well as the local library and at the Statesboro Herald. Please write and let your voice be heard. We must take our nation back from the tyrants or the tyrants will become even more emboldened and Americans will lose even more of the power that we have as citizens.  Make your voices heard. Learn about what is going on in Washington.
      Thank you for reading this and I hope and pray that each of you will take the time to speak out on the abuses that are occurring in Washington. Lets take America back!
      May God Bless!
Tom Grovenstein


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