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County manager says thanks for winter storm response
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    I would like to give great thanks and appreciation to all city, county and state emergency and public works personnel serving Bulloch County, and also our educational administrators and partnering businesses in the community, for their great mobilization, preparation and response for last week's threatening storm.         Compared to Metro Atlanta (which is apples and oranges, in our case), we dodged a big bullet. However, I had the chance to witness the county’s emergency operations center in action (which I am grateful that the Board of Commissioners agreed to build in the last SPLOST referendum), and was able to observe thoughtful discussion, cooperation and proper execution of our emergency plans, by all involved.             Everybody was on the same page and put the safety of our citizens and guests first.             Although there may be criticism in some circles about the wisdom and timing of some of the area closures since the big storm did not materialize, I would say that the community leadership erred to the good, in this case. I also believe that our citizens took heed with precautionary steps. Had a hazardous event occurred, I do not think we would have failed to respond and help people who could have been harmed.
    Many people may not think about what-ifs when nothing goes wrong — and when that happens, we are just doing our jobs, as we should be. There is, though, a lot of behind-the-scenes extra effort that goes on to prepare for these kinds of emergencies. Many of the folks involved worked tirelessly and long hours last week to be ready. I have been involved in several types of disaster situations in both rural and metropolitan settings, and I can assure you that what we have done in Bulloch County, in my time here, is much more organized and preventive. I cannot conclude without giving great thanks to Ted Wynn, our Public Safety Director, who has to put these wheels in motion when the time comes.

Tom Couch
Bulloch County Manager and Citizen

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