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Business is the purpose of our nation
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Is "business" the purpose of our nation? Or, is the purpose of the nation government?

This is a fundamental question we must answer. Business — the private sector — creates wealth for those who participate in it by working. Government consumes the wealth produced by the private sector.

Clearly, the Constitution was written to protect the business activity of our nation so that Americans would prosper. It was written to protect an individual's labor, his work and his property created by that work, his prosperity that his work brings him, from an over regulating and over taxing government. Our Constitution protects our capitalist free market economic system. Thus, it protects our way of life.

The Constitution was also written to divide government in an attempt to block the natural course of events that all nations have faced, that being, the consolidation of power into the hands of a few "the ruling class," which is "classic cocialism," the love of government and its power.

I contend having studied the founding of our country that "business" is the purpose of our nation. Free people. Free from an over controlling government. Free to work hard in our free economic system. Free to prosper and take care of ourselves and our families is what "business" produces. The private sector provides this prosperity.

Government should protect it, and help it expand, for the good of all Americans. That is what the Constitution tells us is the purpose of our government.

The Declaration of Independence also tells us this is true. We are all entitled to life (But, not for the unborn child, or soon those rejected by a government death panel), liberty (But, not if you disagree with the president, then you get an IRS audit and NSA surveillance), and the pursuit of happiness (But, not for the millions of Americans this president has put on the unemployment lines and done nothing to help the private sector create new jobs.).

When will we reject this assault on our freedom, our Constitution, our founding principles, our way of life! The business of America is "business." It is what provides us our pursuit of happiness.

Government can only protect it, not provide it. This is what our government, under our Constitution , was designed to do for our prosperity. Protect it, not destroy it.

Tom McElwee


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