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Augusta resident questions Allen manager's 'insider' claim
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“He’s a Washington insider!” That’s how Rick Allen’s campaign manager described John Stone during the District 12 Republican meeting held in Swainsboro recently. And to the amazement of those in attendance, she added, “Rick Allen needs all the contributions we can raise in order to take on that Washington insider.”

John Stone has worked in Washington, D.C. He served as chief of staff for U.S. Rep. John Carter of Texas, and as a chief aide to the late U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood and former U. S. Rep. Max Burns, both of Georgia.

That’s valuable experience and knowledge that would allow John Stone to “hit the ground running,” as opposed to going through the usual two-term learning curve needed to become an effective member of Congress.

What struck me as disingenuous about the lady’s remarks is that she is one of nine political operatives and consultants — with Washington backgrounds or connections — that Mr. Allen has on his campaign payroll.

The one overriding lesson we should have learned in the past District 12 Republican primary bloodletting is that teams of hired political assassins don’t care whose blood they spill — as long as they get paid and paid well.

I had hoped that the District 12 Republican primary, to be decided on May 20, 2014, would be about two good men meeting in public forums to debate the important issues facing our district and country. That’s the way Charlie Norwood loved to do it.

If one of them is afraid to do that, and prefers instead to let loose his political war dogs, it should tell us whom to vote for.

Sonny Pittman

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